2015 celebrates IPCNY’s 15th Anniversary year!


Date of Birth: 1972



Artist's Statement

My work has often focused on architectural structures and observation of the American landscape. Growing up in America in a military family and moving to different parts of the country there was a certain familiarity to the kinds of houses and neighborhoods. They were a series of suburban developments built in separate regions of the country, on the outskirts of larger cities, at the exit ramps of interstate highways, and all very similar in age and design.

My notion of space developed out of this cultural setting which was consciously economic, and somewhere between urban and rural. Most of my works involve places, or combinations of these and other places drawn from memory. I use paintings, drawings and sculptural installations as my primary modes of expression and portray the work with aerial views depicting familiar urban and suburban environments presented in a manner that creates an uneasy sense of quiet.

Empty pools, white houses, fences, windows and highway overpasses are among the subjects I often employ to explore complex relationships between people and our surroundings. As well, my own interests in skateboarding and surfing developed how I saw the use of these architectural structures ranging from sidewalk curbs to ocean jetties. Within my work, I utilize our expectations of these things to further create an alien landscape. I provide subtle commentary on our obsession with land ownership and domination of the land, and of each other.


Chris Ballantyne was born in 1972. He received his B.A. from the University of South Florida, Tampa in 1997 and his M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002.

Ballantyne has exhibited in many group and 8 solo shows including exhibitions at the Cheeckwood Museum Of Art, Nashville, TN; DCKT Contemporary, New York, NY; Peres-Projects, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; Art Hut, San Francisco, CA; and Silver Meteor Gallery, Tampa, FL.

Ballantyne is also represented in various collections such as those of the Art Rotterdam Foundation, Rotterdam, Netherlands; The Judith Rothschild Foundation, New York, NY; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY; and the Sprint Collection, Overland Park, KS.