50/50: New Prints 2015/Winter opens next week - January 15, 2015!




Artist's Statement

The imagery I use in my black and white linocut prints comes from organic geometry found in undergrowth landscapes ranging from temperate rainforests to tropical jungles. I define close-up scenes of forest floors with all encompassing detail to pull the viewer into an image that expands perceptions of the scale of nature via the difference in sizes of the smallest lines and shapes and the largest areas of the image.

By drawing from photographs, I refine images to their basic black or white defining lines and shapes. I am interested in exploring how these basic shapes define objects and at what point a shape combines with other shapes to become an object. By combining the instantaneous capture of photographic images with the meditative process of drawing, carving and then printing the entire image in one moment, I am making a studied snapshot - a moment defined - of the constantly changing natural environment.