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This website redesign has been a real labor of love for us. For the better part of a year we worked tirelessly to develop a website that was both beautiful and informative. Now that it is up we’d like to thank everyone who was involved in making this a reality. We send our sincerest gratitude to Anne Coffin, who supported us throughout the process, the IPCNY Board of Trustees, for funding the project and believing in our dream, and Andrea Butler, IPCNY Trustee, for her legal advice. We would also like to thank our web developers rgbrgbrgb.co and Dylan Gauthier who helped build this site from the ground up. Thank you Dylan for your patience, dedication, and skill! We would also like to thank our interns who worked alongside us as we began the tedious process of transferring over 80 exhibitions and checklists to the new site. You all are rockstars and we could not have done it without you! Thank you Rachel Gordon, Nathan Gotlib, Sierra Rivers Hollister, Lauren Januhowski, Hye Jeong-Lee, Trish Kaiser, Christopher Leaming, India Lombardi-Bello, Kinda Loughran, Erica Mao, Willa McDonald, and Andrea Springer.

– Lotte, Kirsten, and Stephanie