Since autumn, 2001, one member of each New Prints Selections Committee has been asked to write a thoughtful and critical essay covering the work selected for that show. Over time, these essays will serve as a valuable source, referencing trends in printmaking as they relate concurrently to art-making in general as well as the greater cultural climate.

New Prints 2009/Autumn
Essay by Richard Dupont

New Prints 2009/Summer
Essay by Monroe Denton

New Prints 2009/Spring

Interview with Polly Apfelbaum


New Prints 2008/Autumn
Matthew Day Jackson

New Prints 2008/Summer
Robin White Owen

New Prints Spring/2008
Jane Hammond

New Prints Winter/2008
Brett Littman

New Prints 2006/Summer
Sarah Suzuki

New Prints 2007/Winter
Paul Laster

New Prints 2005/Summer
Alexandra Anderson-Spivy

New Prints 2006/Winter
Carrie Moyer

New Prints 2005/Autumn
Nancy Princenthal

New Prints 2005/Winter
Dan Cameron

New Prints 2004/Spring
Barry Walker

New Prints 2004/Winter
Starr Figura

New Prints 2003/Summer
Marilyn Symmes

New Prints 2002/Autumn
Marilyn Kushner

New Prints 2001/Autumn

Nancy Princenthal