International Print Center New York announces the exhibition True Monotypes in our gallery at 508 West 26th Street in Chelsea- continuing our 15th Anniversary programming. The exhibition will open on March 26th and be on view through May 30th, 2015. True Monotypes will explore the world of monotypes; both emerging and established artists will be represented.

The curator writes, “Artists find monotypes exciting to make for many reasons. One is the lushness of the medium used. Another is the element of chance that may or may not please them in the printing process such as the softening of outlines, and pooling or bleeding of colors… Collectors seek out monotypes for their sheer beauty as well as for their uniqueness.”

The following artists will be included:

Rita Ackermann, Chuck Arnoldi, Romare Bearden, Cecily Brown, Gregory Crane, Paul DeRuvo, Valentina DuBasky, Joellyn Duesberry, Carroll Dunham, Mary Frank, Lawrence Gipe, Sue Heatley, Jasper Johns, Jane Kent, Joyce Kozloff, Maya Lin, Judith Linhares, Eddie Martinez, Michael Mazur, Kate McCrickard, James Nares, Anne Neely, John Newman, Elizabeth Peyton, Matt Phillips, Susan Rothenberg, Sara Sanders, Dana Schutz, Richard Segalman, Stuart Shils, Steven Sorman, David Storey, Philip Taaffe, Donald Traver, Mary Jo Vath, Chuck Webster, William Weege, Christopher Wool, and Lisa Yuskavage.