Blue Pearl photo


We’re excited to announce our new Benefit Edition by artist Jennifer Marshall!

Jennifer Marshall
“Blue Pearl”, 2015
Lithograph, Edition: 40 + 5 Artist Proofs
Printed by Andrew Mockler at Jungle Press Editions, published by IPCNY and Jungle Press Editions, NY
Framed Price: $950 (Frame is designed by the artist)
Unframed Price: $750

For purchase inquiries, please contact or call 212-989-5090

IPCNY is grateful to the artists and publishers who generously donate Benefit Editions to support our programming.

In the words of the artist:  In this print I was trying to draw upon the ephemeral quality of some recent monotypes I have been making. Using actual botanic specimens, I first create an inked impression of the leaves, stems, and branches on a dampened sheet of printmaking paper.  Before the ink dries, the image is transferred onto the lithographic plate. Then, I layer different transfers from the plants in a variety of colors onto the printing paper. With this accumulation of ‘virtual nature’ I begin to compose the total image.

Throughout this process, I am interested in the minute detail of some of the plant forms and how networks of hidden dimensions begin to coalesce into a vibrant, multi-dimensional image. I am fascinated by the almost photographic nature of the technique, the level of accuracy to the original.  The supremacy of negative shapes interacting within these networks of leaves creates an emerging whole.

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