Willful Invention and the Printed Image 1470-2005




Accompanying the Imagined Worlds exhibition is a full-color catalogue, co-published by IPCNY and AXA Gallery, with interpretative essays by the exhibition's curator and a range of experts from diverse fields, including Dr. Nils Büttner, specialist in German and Dutch visual culture from the 15-17th centuries and Professor at Dortmund University; JonDykstra, an economic geologist and Vice President and Director of Digital Imaging at Earth Satellite Corporation; Thomas W. Lollar, an artist and Director of the Lincoln Center List Art Collection; Midori Nishizawa, an independent curator and writer on Japanese culture based in Japan; and Sarah Richards, an English art historian and expert on print culture and the decorative arts. 

Cover Image: Rockwell Kent, Lunar Disintegration, No. 1 (detail) from "Hayden Planetarium Shows Four Ways in Which the World May End; Rockwell Kent Portrays Them," Life, November 1, 1937

The catalogue is available at IPCNY in hard cover for $35. To order please email Stephanie Trejo or call 212.989.5090