Following is a sampling of printmaking programs offered on an undergraduate and graduate level at colleges and universities across the country.
Deadlines subject to change.  Before applying, please check institutions’ websites.



Arizona State University:  BFA, MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: Herberger College School of Art , P.O. Box 871505, Tempe, AZ 85287-1505
PHONE: (480)-965-8521

COURSES OFFERED: Intaglio, Lithography, Screen Printing, Book Arts, Papermaking, Monotype, Relief and other graphic applications are offered regularly.
FACILITIES: The printmaking program in the ASU Herberger College School of Art is a full-offering printmaking program with studios and equipment that support all the traditional forms of printmaking — lithography, intaglio, relief, and screenprinting — and also offers other study options, for both undergraduate and graduate students, such as photogravure, collotype, book arts, papermaking and digital processes for printmaking.
ADMISSIONS: Application and portfolio materials must be received by October 1st to be considered for acceptance into the professional program for the spring semester, and by March 1st to be considered for acceptance into the professional program for the fall semester.
FACULTY: Mary Hood, Rogelio Gutierrez, and Kathryn Maxwell

For more information, contact: Admissions: (970)-491-6909

Colorado State University: BA, BFA in Studio Art; MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: G100 Visual Arts Building, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1770
PHONE: (970)-491-6774

COURSES OFFERED: Lithography, Intaglio, Etching, Drypoint and Relief
FACILITIES: The printmaking facilities are exceptional, with four intaglio presses–including an electric editioning press-and five litho presses equipped to handle both stones and plates. Graduate print students have private or semi-private studios in close proximity to the printmaking studio.
ADMISSIONS: The MFA program deadline for Fall is February 1st and is October 15th for the Spring Semester.
FACULTY: James Dormer and Johnny Plastini

For more information, contact: Admissions: (970)-491-6909

Columbia University – LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies: Studio Art; MFA degree in Printmaking 
ADDRESS: 2960 Broadway, New York, NY 10027-6902
PHONE: (212)-854-1754

COURSES OFFERED: Lithography, Intaglio, Relief, Advanced
FACILITIES: The Leroy Neiman Center for prints provides students, as well as established artists, a rich environment to investigate and produce images through a myriad of printmaking techniques that include intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, relief, photography, and digital imaging.Each graduate student is assigned a studio with 24-hour access.  Watson Hall houses a wood shop, computer lab, color processor, color darkrooms, and seminar room.  Prentis Hall has wood and steel shops; and black and white photography, printmaking, and the digital media center are located in Dodge Hall.
ADMISSIONS: Application, 3 letters of recommendation, creative materials (20 digital images) before January 15th
FACULTY: Tomas Vu-Daniel, Nathan Catlin, Craig Zammiello, and Daria Shishkin.

For more information, contact: Gregory Amenoff, Graduate Fine Arts Chair Admissions Office: (212)-854-2134

Cornell University: BFA, MFA in Print Media
ADDRESS: 129 Sibley Dome, Ithaca, NY 14853
PHONE: (607)-255-9110

COURSES OFFERED: Intaglio, Etching, Engraving, Relief, Lithography, Silkscreen and Digitally-based techniques
FACILITIES : There are studios for etching, lithography, screen-printing, as well as a printmaking darkroom and an Advanced Digital Media Lab.
ADMISSIONS: Admission for the MFA program is for the fall only. The application deadline is January 15th. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Art portfolio required. For instruction regarding the art portfolio, please send an email to Maria Brown at and request application instructions.
FACULTY: Morgan Ashcom, Michael Ashkin, Roberto Bertoia, Christine Elfman, Renate Ferro, Bill Gaskins, Jean Locey, Elisabeth Meyer, Liana Miuccio, Alva Mooses, Linda Norden, Carl Ostendarp, Stephanie Owens, Gregory Page, Maria Park, Luana Perilli, Barry Perlus, David Snyder, Stan Taft, and Shara Wasserman.

For more information, contact: Maria Brown, Academic Programs Administrator (607-255-6730),

Cranbrook Academy of Art: MFA in Print Media
ADDRESS: 39221 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 48304
PHONE: (248)-645-3300
WEBSITE: http://www.cranbrookart.eduCOURSES OFFERED: Lithography, Relief, Etching, Intaglio, and Screen-Printing
FACILITIES: The Print Media department resides on two floors in the Academy Administration building. A cluster of somewhat private studios for students, a mini computer lab, critique room, and a kitchen residing on the first floor. On the lower level there are newly renovated print shop facilities for water-based screen-printing, intaglio, lithography, and letterpress processes. Across the street in the Lone Pine building there are more studios and a large communal workspace.
ADMISSIONS: Applications are due February 1st.
FACULTY: Susan Goethel Campbell.
For more information, contact: 
Request a catalog on line, call the Admissions Office  at (248)-645-3300 or e-mail them at

Indiana University: BFA, MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts, 1201 E 7th Street – Room 123, Bloomington, IN 47405
PHONE: (812)-855-7766

COURSES OFFERED: Intaglio/relief, lithography, and screenprinting
FACILITIES: The IU Printmaking Workshop is located in its own 12,000+ square foot space providing state-of-the-art print workshops and equipment in all areas both traditional and digital. Each major area has its own separate workshop; spaces are contiguous so that students and equipment can move freely from one area to another.  The workshops are designed so students can work on large formats in any print media or combination thereof.
For the BFA Degree, there is an application procedure specific to each studio area. Admission is subject to a portfolio review, judgment of grades, and a personal interview with the faculty of that area. Deadline April 1st.
FACULTY: Ellie Herman, Andy Rubin, And Tracy Templeton.

For more information, contact: 812-855-7766

New York University at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, & Human Development: BFA, MFA in Studio Art (Printmaking courses offered)

ADDRESS: 82 Washington Square East, New York, NY 10003

PHONE: Undergraduate Admissions: (212)-998-4500 & Graduate Admissions: (212)-998-5030


COURSES OFFERED: Silkscreen, Etching, Relief, Book arts, Letterpress, & Digital printing

FACILITIES: The spacious print studio has fourteen foot hight ceilings and floods withe natural light. The studio is dedicated multiple forms of printmaking including silkscreen (photo-process darkroom), etching (two Charles Brand etching presses), relief print, book arts and letterpress (Vandercook UNI-1 press), digital imaging/printing (Epson 4900 Archival Printer, Epson scanner, AccuRIP software, Xante PostScript large formate laser printer), as well as Departmental facilities for laser cutting and 3-D printing.

ADMISSIONS: The deadlines for the fall 2015. BFA program included: EARLY DECISION IUniversity application: November 1, 2014 & Portfolio: November 10, 2014. REGULAR DECISION AND EARLY DECISION II:University application: January 1, 2015 & Portfolio: January 10, 2015. The portfolio must be submitted through the NYU Steinhardt Slideroom page and includes 15-20 images from within the last two years. Images can be of any medium, but the title and dimensions need to be included. A one page artist’s statement describing your goals as an artist, artistic influences, background & images, and what you want to gain from the NYU Steinhardt program. All other application materials should be mailed to: Office of Undergraduate Admissions New York University 665 Broadway, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10012. For the MFA program, the application deadline is February 1, 2015. Candidates are required to send transcripts, three letters of recommendation, current resume, artist statement, portfolio, personal interview, and TOEFL scores for international students. The portfolio will be uploaded as part of the online application process and it should consist of 20 images (JPEGs only). Each work should be numbered, titled (if applicable), and your name.

FACULTY: Jesse Bransford (Department Chair), Noel Anderson, Jonathan Berger, Ross Bleckner, Sue de Beer, Trisha Donnelly, Maureen Gallace, RoseLee Goldberg, and Marlene McCarty.

For more information, contact: Professor Marlene McCarty (BFA program director) at or Alex Jovanovich (Student Services Counselor) at

Ohio University:  BFA, MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: 528 Seigfred Hall, Athens, OH
PHONE: (800)-766-8278

COURSES OFFERED: lithography, screen printing, relief printing, intaglio, digital printmaking, paper making
FACILITIES: The print area is comprised of individual studios for each of the major traditional print media. Also available are the equipment for photographic applications in all print media, and a state-of-the-art computer facility specifically tailored to the needs of contemporary print artists. Each year the printmaking majors and faculty work in concert with a visiting artist to produce new prints to add to the Trisolini Print Collection.
ADMISSIONS: All students enter the School of Art as either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) studio art or art history major. Studio art students may continue in the BA track, or apply for admission into aBFA degree during their second year of study. You need to meet the general University requirements in order to be accepted. A portfolio is required only if you are interested in applying for a scholarship or if you are a transfer student. Deadline February 1st.
FACULTY: Karla Hackenmiller, Art Werger, Bob Lazuka, Melissa Haviland, Mary Manusos

For more information, contact: Karla Hackenmiller at or (740-593-4295)

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts: Certificate, BFA, Penn BFA program,  MFA, Low-residency MFA, and other Post-Baccalaureate programs in printmaking.

ADDRESS: 118-128 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

PHONE: (215)-972-7600


COURSES OFFERED: Woodcut, Relief, Etching, Drypoint, other Intaglio processes, Silkscreen, Plate and stone lithography, Letterpress, Book Arts, and Digital Arts.

FACILITIES: Work spaces are available for all certificate and BFA students. Students are permitted 24-hour studio access, while the facilities are equipped with safety/security features. The Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building contains large scale studios for lithography, etching (intaglio processes), silkscreen, book arts, and woodcut courses. Within the etching studio, there are three presses while two have motorized press beds. Students are provided with a safe work environment because there are separately ventilates solvent and acid washout booths with large vent hoods.  In the lithography studio there are four presses that are capable of pulling large scale prints. There is plenty of room  to carve, ink up, and print in the woodcut studios. Natural light fills each space and a state of the art ventilation systems are present. There is a separate lecture room and students archival space. Broad areas are maintained for personal storage spaces.

ADMISSIONS: The Certificate, BFA, and Penn BFA require a high school diploma or equivalent. The MFA and Post-Baccalaureate programs require a bachelor’s degree in art, or equivalent. Summer 2015: Low-residency MFA program, has a rolling deadline submission through March 1, 2015. Fall 2015: MFA program has a rolling deadline submission through March 1, 2015. Certificate & BFA program has a regular decision deadline by February 15, 2015. Post-baccalaureate program deadline is March 1, 2015

FACULTY: Tony Rosati (Department Chair), Lisa Hamilton (Faculty & Printshop Manager), Dan Miller, Ron Wyffles

For more information, contact: Admission office (Degree program information): (215)-972-7625

Pratt Institute: BFA, MFA (printmaking courses), in Printmaking

ADDRESS: Brooklyn Campus, 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

PHONE: (718)-636-3600


COURSES OFFERED: Intaglio, Silkscreen, Lithography, Relief, Letterpress, & Digital Processes

FACILITIES: The spacious facilities are located in the basement of the chemistry/machinery/engineering buildings. The security office is located directly across from these buildings. Each printmaking process has its own studio; letterpress, silkscreen, lithography, intaglio, and editioning are all located in the same building, while the relief studios are located in the basement of Steuben hall. The silkscreen studios are equipped with a separate washout booth, emulsion station, and exposure unit. Lithography, editioning, intaglio are all equipped with an up to date ventilation system. The acid room consists of two ferric-chloride baths. Letterpress has two motorized Vandercook presses, lithography has six presses/stations, intaglio has three presses, editioning has two presses, and relief has four presses ranging in size. Private studios are located adjacent to the lithography/editioning/intaglio studios.

ADMISSIONS: An application checklist is available online. BFA and MFA candidates must apply to the Brooklyn campus. Although the freshman Fall 2015 application deadline of January 5 has passed, but Pratt is continuing to take application on a rolling basis. All fine arts candidates are required to submit a portfolio to the Slideroom website. The visual portfolio should consist of twelve to twenty images, which do not need to be major specific/can be made up of any mediums. Three to five observational drawings need to be included. Examples could be landscape, still-life, self-portraiture, figure drawings, and interior spaces. Do not include works the copy photographs, use grid systems or that directly copy other artists. For the MFA program, a portfolio must be submitted containing 20 well-selected works that were made within the last two to three years. The admissions committee is seeking portfolios that are made up of a cohesive body of work and that share connecting ideas rather than disconnected samples. Although the fall 2015 deadline of January 5 has passed, the program will take applications on a rolling basis. Please submit you application materials as soon as possible.

FACULTY: Caitlin Riordan (Printmaking Technician), Deborah Chaney, Kelly C. Driscoll, Grayson Cox, Anne Gilman, Jennifer Graves, Raphael Griswold, Michael Kirk, David Lantow, Catherine Lecleire, Joshua MacPhee, J. Martin Mazorra, Jennifer Melby, Catlin Riordan, Seth Scantlen, Robbin Silverberg, and Judith Solodkin.

For more information, contact: printmaking coordinator Kelly C. Driscoll,

Rhode Island School of Design: BFA, MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: Two College Street, Providence, RI 02903-2784
PHONE: (401)-454-6100

COURSES OFFERED: Lithography, Intaglio, Etching, Screen Printing, Relief, Digital and Alternative Print Media 
FACILITIES: The printmaking facilities are housed in a three-story building that allocates one floor each to lithography, intaglio and silkscreen studios. A state-of-the-art, industrial grade ventilation system designed for maximum safety and utility is in place. The facility houses senior studios, junior studios and a student-run gallery. Each graduate student is given a large private space that is used 24 hours a day for individual studio practice.
ADMISSIONS: You may apply to RISD if you have earned your undergraduate degree (or will have by the time you would like to enter RISD) or have an equivalent education from another country.  Applicants are required to submit 10 to 20 examples of their work (first session: before December 15, second session: before February 15).
FACULTY: Henry Ferreira (Department Head), Jim DiMarcantonio, Carl Fudge, Daniel Heyman, Genevieve Lowe, Cornelia McSheehy, Randa Newland, Alice O’ Neill, Simonette Quamina, Andrew Raftery, Brian Shure, Duane Slick, Paul Taylor, Jonathan Wienberg, Leah Rachel Wolff, and Dan Wood.

For more information, contact: Randa Newland, Graduate Program Coordinator (401-454-6220)

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey- New Brunswick: BFA, MFA Printmaking
ADDRESS: Mason Gross School of the Arts, 33 Livingston Avenue New Brunswick, NJ 08901

COURSES OFFERED: Printmaking I and Printmaking II, in which the student has the opportunity to use a variety of print
media and techniques, including intaglio, relief, silkscreen, digital prints, and other media.
FACILITIES: Most visual arts classes meet in the Civic Square Building (CSB), in which there are project spaces, critique rooms, a lighting studio for students to photograph artwork, and an intimate resource center with reference books and magazines. CSB’s five computer labs are equipped with work stations, scanners, and printers tailored to the specific needs
of design, photography, media, print, and video. Additionally, there are color and black-and-white darkrooms, sound and video-recording and editing facilities, a woodshop, and a comprehensive print workshop.
FACULTY (Art): Gary Kuehn, Diane Neumaier, Thomas Nozkowski, Raphael Ortiz, Gerry Beegan, Ardele Lister, Toby MacLennan, Barbara Madsen, Hanneline Røgeberg, Stephen Westfall, Jacqueline Thaw, John Yau

For more information, contactGraduate Program Assistant: or Stephen Westfall, Department Graduate Director

Savannah College of Art and Design: BFA, MA, MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 2072, Savannah, GA 31402-2072
PHONE: (912)-525-5100

COURSES OFFERED: Etching, Lithography, Relief, Monotype/Mixed processes, Intaglio, Serigraphy, and Book Arts
FACILITIES: Studios and equipment are provided for beginning, intermediate and advanced level printmaking courses in lithography and monotype, etching and gravure, letterpress and book arts, darkroom and exposure work, and computer labs. The shop specializes in low toxicity and nontoxic printmaking techniques.
ADMISSIONS: The college encourages application for admission to graduate degree programs from students with undergraduate degrees from institutions that are accredited. Applicants should submit a portfolio of work in slide or digital format. A strong portfolio demonstrates a mastery of basic printmaking techniques along with a developed body of work that is both conceptually and technically mature; the portfolio should exemplify thematic development. The written statement should summarize the relevant issues in the current work, provide a sense of intended research or future direction, and inform evaluation of the applicant’s concepts, focus, self-awareness, and level of ability to articulate these elements.
FACULTY: Curtis Bartone, Robert Brown, Eun Sook Lee, Cynthia Lollis, and Debora Oden

For more information, contact: Robert Brown, Chair of Printmaking Department or for general information or (912 525 5100)

School of The Art Institute of Chicago: BFA, MFA in Print Media
ADDRESS: 37 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60603
PHONE: (312)-629-6100
WEBSITE: http://saic.eduCOURSES OFFERED: Etching, Relief, Lithography, Screen-printing, Art Books, Photomechanical Processes, Digital Printmaking
FACILITIES: The Print Media department has an intaglio studio with four etching/relief presses, a lithography studio with four presses, one hand offset press, an offset studio with one multigraphics press and one Hamada two color offset press.
ADMISSIONS: Fall Deadlines are due for early admission January 3rd, for priority February 15th, and for final admission it is June 1st. The Spring Deadlines are due for priority admission November 1st and final January 15th.
FACULTY: Doug Huston, Shaurya Kumar, Ayanah Moor, Peter Power, Oil Watt, Kate Ann Conlon, Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Thomas Denlinger, Jess Giffin, Kevin M Goodrich, Myungah Hyon, Anna Laure Kielman, Sterling Allen Lawrence, George Liebert, Mark Pascale, Brain Joseph Rush, and Alex Laurie Valentine III. For more information, contact: Peter Power, (Chair),, (312)-857-7660

School of the Visual Arts: BFA, MFA in Fine Arts

ADDRESS:209 East 23 Street 1st Street, New York, NY 10010-3994

PHONE: (212)-592-2050


COURSES OFFERED: Silkscreen, Intaglio, Monoprint, Relief, Japanese Woodblock, Stone Lithography, Photo Plate Lithography, Etching (Copper), Photogravure, Letterpress, Book Arts, Textile, & Digital Arts.

FACILITIES: The School of Visual Arts has a fully equipped dedicated studio space for the printmaking processes.

ADMISSIONS: The application deadline for the fall 2015 BFA program of December 1, 2014 has now past. All materials should have been postmarked and received by this date. BFA candidates are required to fill out the application form, application fee, portfolio, statement of intent, high school transcripts, standardized test scores, scholarship materials, and English proficiency for international students. A portfolio is required for the BFA program, which should include strong drawing observational examples, self-portraits, object studies, still-life, and landscapes. Painting, printmaking, drawing and collage examples that express color is welcomed. Three dimensional works should explore composition, light, and spatial relations with multiple viewpoint shots included on a CD-R.  The application deadline for the fall 2015 MFA program of January 15, 2015 has now past. Candidates must fill out the application form, application fees, a statement of purpose, resume/CV, official transcripts from undergraduate studies, portfolio, and English proficiency for international students. The portfolio requirements are as followed; a statement of purpose (Describe who you are as an artist, and how you think about the art you make. Tell us about the work we’ll see in your portfolio. Ask yourself: What am I trying to do, ask, or say with this work? Are there important life experiences that have influenced you? Why are you particularly interested in the MFA Fine Arts program at SVA? Which of our faculty are you most interested in working with, and why?) and 10-20 items (Images, Audio, and PDFs).

FACULTY: A complete and concise list of faculty members for both programs is available online at

For more information, contact: Admissions (UG & GR) Tel 800.436.4204. UG Tel 212.592.2100. GR Tel 212.592.2107. Fax 212.592.2116.UG: GR:

Syracuse University: BFA, MFA in Printmaking 
ADDRESS: Syracuse, NY 13244
PHONE: (315)-443-1870

COURSES OFFERED: Intaglio, Lithography, Serigraphy, Relief, Advanced, Silkscreen, Letterpress and Book Arts
FACILITIES: The School of Art and Design currently has a small digital lab, multiple presses, large selection of assorted sized stones and separate stone-graining room, complete water based photo silkscreen facility and darkroom, book presses and a variety of student and professional molds, computers, scanner and printers.
ADMISSIONS: Applicants to programs in the School of Art and Design have a portfolio requirement in addition to the Graduate School application and its related materials. A separate portfolio is required for each program to which you apply.  The portfolio should be sent to Office of Graduate Student Affairs, College of Visual and Performing Arts, 204 Crouse College, Syracuse NY 13244-1010 USA before February 1st.
FACULTY: Ron DeRutte, Sandra Puro, Holly Greenberg and Dusty Herbig

For more information, contact: Harriett Conti, Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Tyler School of Art: BFA, MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: 1801 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122
PHONE: (215)-204-7000

COURSES OFFERED: Etching, Relief, Serigraphy and Lithography
FACILITIES: The Printmaking Area is housed in large, fully equipped modern studios where you first learn the fundamentals of the three printmaking disciplines (silkscreen, lithography, and etching) before exploring at least two of these disciplines in depth
ADMISSIONS: January 15th is the deadline for applications to the Spring MFA program. Please send Portfolios (15 to 20 works) to demonstrate creative potential and ability.
FACULTY: Amze J. Emmons, Leslie Friedman. Richard Hricko, Jennifer B. McTague, Alexis Nutini, Jennifer Pascoe, Anne Schaefer, Dawn Simmons, Hester Stinnett, and Shelley Thorstensen.

For more information, contact: Carmina Cianciulli, Assistant Dean for Admissions, Admissions Office: (215)-777-9090

The University of Georgia: BFA, MFA in Printmaking and Book Arts
ADDRESS: Lamar Dodd School of Art, 270 River Road, Athens, GA 30602-7676
PHONE: (706)-542-1511

COURSES OFFERED: Intaglio, Lithography, Letterpress, Relief, Book Arts, Papermaking
FACILITIES: Graduate students work in individual studio spaces as well as having access to all communal printmaking and book arts studios. We are a unique program in the Southeast, providing not only fully equipped facilities in the traditional print areas of intaglio, lithography, screen printing and relief, but also a well equipped book arts/papermaking facility.
ADMISSIONS: Deadline January 7th (Fall Semester) and August 1 (Spring Semester).
FACULTY: Mark Callahan, Melissa Harshman, Jon Swindler, and Eileen Wallace.

For more information, contact: Melissa Harshman at or (706-542-1643)

The University of Iowa: BFA, MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: 141 North Riverside Drive, 150 Art Building West, Iowa City, IA 52242-7000
PHONE: (319)-355-1771

COURSES OFFERED: Intaglio and Relief, Lithography, Monotype, Paperworks, and Foil-stamping
ADMISSIONS: The deadline date for submission of materials to the Office of Graduate Admissions is February 1st for studio art programs and art education programs.
FACULTY: Anita Jung, Colin Lyons, Summer Ventis, and James Snitzer.

The University of New Mexico: BFA and MFA in Studio Arts with concentration in Printmaking
ADDRESS: Department of Art & Art History, MSC04 2560, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-000
PHONE: (505)-277-5861
EMAIL: OFFERED: Introduction to Printmaking, Intaglio I & II, Lithography I & II, Relief I & II, Serigraphy, Monoptype/Monoprint, Non-Toxic Printmaking, Digital Hybrids, Book Arts, Advanced, & Graduate Printmaking, Graduate Seminar. The printmaking area also offers numerous outreach/community based classes and a unique collaborative class where selected students collaborate with students in the Master Printer Training Program at Tamarind Institute to create a portfolio of their prints.
FACILITIES: The printmaking area at UNM seeks to provide a complete studio experience to students, offering a curriculum that covers a wide range of traditional and contemporary printmaking processes. The printmaking area is comprised of individual but connected studios for each major print media including relief/intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, along with non silver photographic and state of the art digital processes. The vision of the area remains to not only honor the rich history and tradition of printmaking at UNM, but also to carry forward its legacy by constant innovation and research by faculty, graduate and undergraduate students on both technical and conceptual fronts.
ADMISSIONS: For details regarding admission to BFA program, please visit For admission to MFA program, applicants should submit ALL of their application materials directly to the Department Graduate Office, not the office of Admissions. The deadline for admission in fall is usually in January of the same year. For more information visit
FACULTY: Yoshiko Shimano, Matthew Rangel, and Tim Van Ginkel.

The University of Tennessee: BA, BFA, and MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: 1715 Volunteer Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-2410
PHONE: (865)-974-3407

COURSES OFFERED: Intaglio, Relief, Lithography, Screenprint, Photo-Print methods, Monotype and Papermaking
FACILITIES: The UT Print Workshop covers 4,500 square feet. In addition, graduate students are provided private and semi-private studios, which are about 100 square feet each. The shop is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for graduate students and until midnight for undergraduates.
ADMISSIONS: Portfolio (15 items), artist’s statement, letters of recommendation before January 15
FACULTY: Beauvais Lyons, Koyichi Yamamoto and Althea Murphy-Price

For more information, contact: LaTisa Bright, Program Resource Specialist (865)-974-3408

The University of Texas at Austin: BFA, BA, MFA in Studio Art
ADDRESS: 1 University Station #D1300, Austin, TX 78712-0337 USA
PHONE: (512)-475-7718

COURSES OFFERED: Lithography, Intaglio, Serigraphy
FACILITIES: There are separate, modern, well-equipped studios for each of the three printmaking areas: Lithography (including a Media Room featuring state-of-the-art digital-imaging hard- and software), Intaglio and Serigraphy (including darkroom facilities).
ADMISSIONS: Applicants for Fall 2009 admission must utilize a web-based portfolio and document submission system, SlideRoom. All application materials must be submitted by the deadline.
FACULTY:Lee Chesney, Tim High, Leslie Mutchler, and Jason Urban.

For more information, contact: Admissions: (512)-475-7391

The University of the Arts: BFA, MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking
ADDRESS: 320 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
PHONE: (215)-717-6270

COURSES OFFERED: Screenprint, Intaglio, Relief, Lithography and Book Arts
FACILITIES: Students have individual workstations where light tables, storage space, book presses and paper cutters are available. They enjoy the full use of the university’s well-equipped studios and specialized facilities, including studios for papermaking, non-silver photography, bookbinding, water-based screenprinting, letterpress, intaglio and relief printing, stone and plate lithography, and offset lithography. Stationary vertical and portable book presses, board shear, table-top shears, and guillotine paper cutter are available for bookbinding.
ADMISSIONS: Applications received and completed prior to January 15 for Fall enrollment will be reviewed for priority consideration. Applicants will be notified of the Admission Committee’s decision on or before March 15. Applications received and completed prior to January 1 for Summer enrollment will be reviewed for priority consideration. Applicants will be notified of the Admission Committee’s decision on or before February 15.
FACULTY: Denise Carbone, Julianna Foster, Carol Moore, Mary Phelan, Anthony Rosati, Marsha Simons, Patricia M. Smith, Cynthia Thompson, Susan White, and Susan T. Viguers.

For more information, contact: Lori Spencer (Fine Arts Chair/Associate Professor) at or (215-717-6065)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison: BFA, MFA in Printmaking
ADDRESS: 6241 Humanities Building, 455 North Park Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706
PHONE: (608)-262-1660

COURSES OFFERED: Digital printmaking, Etching/Intaglio, Lithography, Relief Printing, Serigraphy
FACILITIES: We have 8 separate printmaking studios for: serigraphy, relief, intaglio, lithography, digital media, print production, bookarts/type set, and a paper mill.
ADMISSIONS: From September 15 to January 5
FACULTY: Michael Connors, Emily Arthur, Jack Damer, Faisal Abdu’Allah, and John Hitchcock.

Virginia Commonwealth University: BFA, MFA in Painting/Printmaking   
ADDRESS: 1001 Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA 23284-3051
PHONE: (804)-828-1696

COURSES OFFERED: Intaglio, Relief, Lithography, Digital and Screenprinting
FACILITIES: The Painting and Printmaking Graduate Program is housed in the new Fine Arts Building with fifteen new, spacious individual Graduate Studios.
ADMISSIONS: The Master of Fine Arts program is based on intensive studio practice at advanced level in the areas of Painting or Printmaking. The program is highly selective and is presently limited to fifteen participants.  Portfolio should include 20 images of representative work conveying your commitment and recent development, three of which must be drawings that reflect your work and serve as a window into your process.  Applications are due by January 15.
FACULTY: Arnold J. Kemp (Chair), Peter Blades, Paloma Barhaugh – Bordas, Cara Benedetto, Ruth Boldaun, Hope Ginsburg, Reni Gower, Ron Johnson, Holly Morrison, Javier Tapia, Gregory Volk, Hilary Wilder, Sally Bowring, Brooke Inman, and Paul Ryan.

For more information, contact:  (804)-828-1696

Yale University School of Art: BA in Art, MFA in Painting/Printmaking
ADDRESS: 1156 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT 06520
PHONE: (203)-432-2600

COURSES OFFERED: Silkscreen, Lithography, Etching and Relief
FACILITIES: Graduate students use individual 300-square-foot studios at 353 Crown Street adjacent to Green Hall. Students have access to a printmaking workshop in the Crown Street building, equipped with two lithographic and two etching presses and silkscreen facilities, as well as to the computer resources of the School and the Digital Media Center for the Arts.
ADMISSIONS: Students are admitted only in September of each year. The admissions committee’s decisions on preliminary selection are made in mid-February and final selection decisions are made in mid-April. No information about decisions can be given over the telephone or the Internet. To apply for more than one area of concentration, separate online applications, fees, and supporting documentation must be submitted. The work submitted should be representative of the applicant’s experience in that particular field.
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Online applications for programs beginning in September must be uploaded by January 5th or they will not be reviewed.
FACULTY: Doug Ashford, Rochelle Feinstein, Samuel Messer, Robert Storr, and Anoka Faruqee.

For more information, contact: Anoka Faruqee, Director of Graduate Studies in Painting/Printmaking



Rare Book School at University of Virginia
ADDRESS: 114 Alderman Library, University of Virginia , P.O. Box 400103, Charlottesville, VA 22904
PHONE: (434)-924-8851
EMAIL: old
California Rare Book School
ADDRESS: 254 GSEIS Building Box 951520, 300 Charles E. Young Drive N. Los Angeles, CA 90095-1520
PHONE: (310)-794-4138
Midwest Book & Manuscript Studies Program
ADDRESS: The Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 501 E. Daniel Street, MC-493, Champaign, IL 61820-6211
PHONE: (217)-333-3280