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HONOREES: Julie Mehretu, Kathan Brown of Crown Point Press, and Thomas Cahill, Director of Studio in a School.

PRESENTERS: Sidney B. Felsen, Ruth Fine, and Agnes Gund.

CHAIRS: Katie Michel and Diana Wege Sherogan and Tim Sherogan



HONOREES: Richard Tuttle, Clifford Ackley, & David & Evelyn Lasry

PRESENTERS: David Kiehl, Jim Dine, & Sarah Suzuki

CHAIRS: Johanna & Leslie Garfield, Zibby & Jim Tozer; Blair Brown & Dwight Lee



HONOREES: Robert Mangold, Kenneth Tyler, and Faye Hirsch

PRESENTERS: Frank Stella, Jock Reynolds, Lindsay Pollock

CHAIRS: Maud and Jeffery Welles, John Morning



HONOREES: Claes Oldenburg, Sidney B. Felsen, and Barry Walker*

PRESENTERS: Richard H. Axson, Ruth Fine, and Hiram Butler

CO-CHAIRS: Sharon Coplan Hurowitz and Richard Hurowtiz, Mary and Fredric S. Newman,
and Robert Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker



HONOREES: Terry Winters, Bill Goldston, and Jordan Schnitzer

PRESENTERS: Lisa Phillips, Christopher Cherix, and Joseph Goddu

CO-CHAIRS: Dudley and Michael Del Balso, Diana Wege Sherogan and Tim Sherogan



HONOREES: James Rosenquist, Riva Castleman, and Janice Oresman

PRESENTERS: Bill Goldston, Richard Oldenburg, Richard Solomon

CO-CHAIRS: Blair and Jack Enders, Gale and Robert Lawrence, and Diana Wege Sherogan and Tim Sherogan



HONOREES: Vija Celmins, Martina Yamin, Richard Solomon

PRESENTERS: Samantha Rippner, Paul Morris, Janice Oresman

CO-CHAIRS: Mary Ellen and Richard Oldenburg, Angela and Wade Thompson, and Maud and Jeffrey Welles.



HONOREES: Ed Ruscha, Roberta Waddell, and the Schwartz Family

PRESENTERS: Kathleen Fuld, Deborah Wye, Barbara Stern Shapiro

CO-CHAIRS: Kathleen Fuld, Alexandra Auchincloss Herzan, Johanna and Leslie Garfield.



HONOREES: Ellsworth Kelly, Deborah Wye, and Leslie and Johanna Garfield

PRESENTERS: Sidney Felsen and Joni Weyl, Glen Lowry, and Mary Ryan

CO-CHAIRS: June Noble Larkin, John Morning, Janice Oresman, and Marnie and Don Pillsbury