Anna Hoberman, owner of Afternoon Editions, writes: “I was drawn to print because of the toys. Printmakers get to use the coolest tools, and the shops are like heaven. What keeps me printing is the problem solving. Each print presents a very unique challenge and I love figuring out how to best resolve it. I also have a deep love for paper.”

Hoberman established Afternoon Editions as a contract shop in 2013, sharing two successive Bushwick spaces with master printer Deb Chaney, including the current Willoughby address. This set-up allowed them “to combine our equipment so we could both better serve artists.” Although Hoberman’s background is in experimental prints that daringly combined techniques, and the shop also offers monotype and screenprint, her favorite medium is lithography. Her skills were honed at Tamarind Institute, coupled with apprenticeships at the Lower East Side Printshop, Solo Impression, Island Press, and Milestone. Her mission: “to make sure lithography stays a relevant art form.”

Hoberman values the creative synergy that comes with sharing a space with Deb Chaney, and is also grateful for the guidance and encouragement offered by friends and mentors over the years. As for the printmaking community, Hoberman says, “I feel incredibly supported by fellow printmakers in NYC.” If she is unable to fit a job into her schedule, she can pass it on to a colleague, knowing the gesture will be reciprocated.   –RW