Arquetopia Oaxaca Natural Ink Silkscreen Instructional Residency

Now accepting applications for Spring 2020

The Natural Ink Silkscreen Instructional Residency acknowledges the rich history of color in Mexico by incorporating the knowledge of natural colorants with the silkscreen printing technique on fabric. The program includes 3 weeks of master instruction (27 hours total; 9 hours per week) to understand the principles of natural colorants and their use in printing mediums through the technique of silkscreen applied on fabric. The program includes hands-on instruction with cochineal (ranging from red to purple), añil (blue), and pericon (yellow) from Mexico. Instruction is in Spanish and English. This residency is a comprehensive program to learn the natural colorant of Oaxaca, including resources for a better understanding of the complex culture of Mexico and the history of its colors.

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