Open Studio Visiting Artist Residencies

Deadline: September 15, 2019

Open Studio’s Visiting Artist Residencies provide professional artists with the opportunity to realize a creative project in print media using methods that range from traditional to experimental approaches, regardless of the artists’ familiarity with or experience in print media. Although technical skills are not taught during the residency, artists with and without print experience are encouraged to apply.

If your application has been selected, and prior to scheduled residency dates, an in-person meeting or phone meeting is planned between Open Studio’s Technical Director and the Visiting Artist to discuss the planned project. Recognizing that project proposals may change with time or based on the advanced technical input provided by the Technical Director, we will do our best to accommodate necessary changes from the original proposal, keeping in mind program limitations. Once the project details have been finalized and agreed to by both the Technical Director and the Visiting Artist, a skilled collaborative printer or printer’s assistant is subcontracted, as deemed appropriate.

The role of the collaborative printer is to print projects for those artists who lack the technical skill to print for themselves. Artists who do possess the necessary technical skills to realize their project may request the support of a printer’s assistant, based on project requirements. Neither the collaborative printers nor printer’s assistants are in the studio on a full time basis; the Technical Director will coordinate a mutually agreeable schedule. Unlike some residencies, Visiting Artists are not expected to be in the studio on a full-time basis during the residency period; the actual time spent by the Visiting Artist will vary, taking into consideration specific project needs.

Visiting Artist Residency Projects will be scheduled to take place between the months of September and April, starting a minimum of one year following the application deadline.

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