La Ceiba Gráfica

Deadline: Ongoing

Ceiba Gráfica invites artist from all over the world to come and experience an environment where art, natural beauty and traditional manual techniques come together.

Residents may propose their own working program up to 1 month through our different forms of residencies. We offer educational(Permanent course included) and production residencies all including accommodation and 24-hour workshop use.

Our courses specialize in traditional printmaking techniques such as lithography over Mexican marble, metal etching and Moku Hanga (Japanese woodblock print) and are offered monthly each year. We also have a bookbinding course focused on Renaissance techniques using tools made by hand in our carpentry workshop.

For residents wishing to stay more than one month there is another possibility called Long Term Residency which can be reserved up to 6 months. It consist in a independent apartment equipped with own kitchen and bathroom offered for artist and students wishing to develop their own project involving printmaking or other artistic disciplines.

Our working facilities include an experimental lithography workshop equipped with 2 small presses available for beginners and initiates as well as for some artists wishing to print and develop their techniques using our own marble slabs and drawing materials made locally: lithography crayons, pencils and tusche.

A large professional lithography printing workshop in charge of our Master Printer with a range of 2 presses: an offset press ideal for color lithography and a large wooden press for stones up to 125 x 93 cm for artists and residents wishing to produce editions on larger formats.

A separate, fully-equipped workshop is available for all traditional metal printmaking techniques as well as for linocut and woodcut.

Adjoining this, there is a unique Moku-Hanga workshop for research and teaching in this traditional Japanese woodblock printing technique.

La Ceiba Gráfica also offers large studio spaces for painting and sculpture, including a low-temperature ceramics kiln.

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