Neosho arts council: thomas hart benton print exchange

Each participating printmaker creates and submits a limited edition of ten prints specifically for the exchange. These prints are created using a recognized fine art printmaking technique with archival materials. Of the ten prints submitted, Neosho Arts Council will keep one; used for sale to fund future exchange projects.

The remaining prints are randomized and sorted, and each printmaker receives nine random prints in return.

Open to U.S. and International Printmakers.
Open to artists 18 years of age and older
Emerging or Professional

The "Best in Exchange" award will be selected by Christina Burke, juror of the 24th Annual Thomas Hart Benton Art Competition and Exhibition. The award will include a $150 (USD) merchandise award from Gamblin Inks.

Print submissions to the THB Print Exchange MUST comply with ALL guidelines. Any edition that fails to meet one or more of the guidelines will, without exception, be returned at the printmaker's expense with an accompanying explanation.

All prints must be received by Friday, August 30, 2019. View the full submission guidelines here.