Deadline - July 8, 2019

BIG INK is traveling to Tennessee. Art centers in each state have invited BIG INK to host two-day events where prints will be pulled from large-scale woodblock plates. They are seeking image proposals from emerging, mid-career, and established visual artists who would like to carve a woodblock, at least 24" x 36" inches in dimension, to print at each event.  No prior printmaking experience is required. Any artist that has an interest in print media and wants to achieve a deeper understanding of woodblock carving is welcome to apply.

Upon completing the online application and being accepted, artists will have two months prior to the event to carve their design.  We've assembled how-to videos that guide participants through the carving process.  The series draws from invaluable technical observations made by BIG INK's directors and past participating artists.  The artists' sole responsibility is to bring a fully carved and ready to print woodblock on their assigned printing day.  All consumable materials including paper, ink, cleaning supplies and equipment are included with participation.  

The event itself is an excellent way to network with other participants, plug into a growing creative community, and produce high-quality work that can later be used for sale and exhibition.

For more information, visit their website.