Make Your Own Posters at "Obama, Trump, and the Russian Revolution", October 28

On Saturday, October 28, from 1-4pm, artist Yevgeniy Fiks, on view in Russian Revolution: A Contested Legacyand Bushwick Print Lab will lead a propaganda poster-making workshop in conjunction with IPCNY's Printfest student fair. Participants will use materials provided to create their own political posters. 

Fiks explains,  "During and after the 2008 and 2016 US presidential elections, myriad pastiches/memes appeared on the Internet and as protest signs for demonstrations that re-purposed Russian Revolutionary imagery to ridicule Barack Obama or Donald Trump. More recently, it continued in an even more heightened version in a continuing controversy around Trump’s alleged 'Russian connection' produced even more such images, recycling the cold war visual stereotypes. Putting Obama’s or Trump’s head on Lenin’s or Stalin’s is used for a quick political convenience both by conservatives and liberals.”

The popularity of these satirical images showed the usefulness still of Russian Revolutionary or Soviet imagery in contemporary American partisan politics and the continuing effect of anti-communism and anti-sovietism on contemporary American political imagination, both on the left and on the right.

Workshop participants will be offered a selection of Russian Revolutionary propaganda imagery as well as images of current and recent contemporary American politicians and will be invited to re-purpose them to express their own political beliefs in relation to current American politics. The participants are invited to let their political subconscious run loose to reveal what Boris Groys defined as “Russia as the West's subconscious.”