Du-good press



Leslie Diuguid established Du-Good Press in 2017 to offer a collaborative and fresh approach to screenprinting across the arts. Focusing on a new wave of rising contemporary artists across multiple platforms, Du-Good Press offers hand screenprinted fine art editions by emerging and mid-career artists.

Diuguid pursued printmaking in college, because she appreciated “the indirectness and process behind ancient forms of mark-making and reproduction.” After graduating in 2009 from Kansas City Art Institute, Diuguid moved to Omaha, Nebraska to intern at the Bemis Center where she worked with Wanda Ewing and Sean Ward. In 2012, she became a fellow at The Union for Contemporary Art and she moved to New York the following year. Since then, she has worked for The Hole, Pamela Barsky, Gowanus Print Lab, Kayrock Screenprinting, the Museum of Arts and Design, Alexander Heinrici, and BRT Printshop.

 Diuguid continues to enjoy the repetitive and mechanical process of printmaking at Du-Good Press, working on her own prints after hours. She stays connected with nearby print shops, noting the generosity of larger shops who share their in-house equipment, and recommending Printmakers Anonymous as the “best place to dork out and talk shop.”