Founder Alexander Heinrici, born in Vienna in 1945, graduated from the Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt. After his studies, he completed an apprenticeship at the Schwitter Klische Lithographic Company in Zurich, then returned to Vienna to work for his grandfather’s company, which dealt in screenprint and offset equipment. In 1968, he opened his own print workshop, Studio Heinrici, in Vienna and began working with important Austrian, German, and Swiss artists, producing over 80 editions. He soon outgrew Vienna’s art scene and moved to New York City, opening his own print workshop there in 1970. Andy Warhol was one of Heinrici’s first New York clients, and they worked together creating screenprinted portraits for the next ten years. Other early artists include de Kooning, Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein, Indiana, and Johns. Most recently, Heinrici has worked with Dan Colen, Damien Hirst, Aaron Young, Donald Baechler and Donald Sultan.

Over the past few decades, Heinrici’s printshop moved around New York, arriving in Brooklyn in 2008. His extensive body of work has placed him at the forefront of contemporary printmaking, where he has become well known for his ability to successfully merge the best of the artist’s vision and technique with a fresh, modern approach that is unique to each artist’s ideas. Heinrici’s prints have been included in numerous exhibitions both in galleries and museums, with works on exhibition and in the collections of New York’s The Museum of Modern Art and Whitney Museum.

Photo credit:  Courtesy Heinrici, Fine Art Printing, Ltd