A fine art print publishing company active from 2005–2015, Forth Estate played a key role in establishing Brooklyn as a center for printmaking. Interested in producing editions by emerging artists, co-founders Glen Baldridge and Luther Davis provided primarily Brooklyn-based artists invaluable access to master printers in a professional shop environment. They drew upon their extended network of artist friends – most of whom had never made prints – to collaborate using both traditional and technologically innovative techniques. Unusual materials such as hot foil stamping, braille texture or “scratch-off” ink are characteristic of their editions. Forth Estate did not have its own formal shop; screenprints were made at Axelle Editions in Boerum Hill, where Davis served as master printer. Intaglio, lithography, and woodblock printing were eventually added by co-publishing and collaborating with Phil Sanders at EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop and Adrian Gonzalez at Flying Horse Editions. Baldridge, actively engaged in his own print practice since his student days at RISD, also regularly lent his expertise to the production of editions. During its tenure, Forth Estate published around 138 editions, many of which found their way into important public collections as well as the hands of new collectors. The archive of Forth Estate has officially been acquired by the RISD Museum.  –SR