Mark Herschede founded Haven Press Studio as a collaborative contract printshop in Greenpoint in 2012 and very recently began a publishing program under the Haven imprint. The shop focuses on screenprinting, image-based letterpress, and linoleum cut in both medium and large formats. Haven strives to give artists a space to work where printmaking is “accessible, comfortable, [and] non-ego driven.” Most of Haven’s contract work comes through word of mouth, while Herschede personally reaches out to artists he wants to partner with to produce new publications. Herschede studied printmaking and painting at Savannah College of Art and Design in the early 2000s, where he was inspired by Rich Gere and Robert Brown. Other mentors include the letterpress printer Earl Kallemeyn and the lithographer Deb Chaney, whose shop is also represented in the exhibition. In addition to the technical aspects of printmaking, Herschede is drawn to the physicality and serial nature of the work.   –SR

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Berezansky for IPCNY