Andrew Mockler founded Jungle Press, a fine art publisher of prints and multiples, in Greenwich Village in 1994. He moved to Brooklyn in 2002 and has had printshops in Dumbo and Greenpoint before settling most recently in Gowanus. Although he started as a contract printer early in his career, Mockler now almost exclusively invites artists to collaborate with him in the shop, accepting occasional contract printing opportunities. He specializes in stone and plate lithography but also offers etching, woodcut, and monotype, encouraging artists to experiment with a variety of techniques before settling on “a mix that is best for their own sensibility.” A painter and printmaker, Mockler began making prints as a high school student and worked during college for Herb Fox, a Tamarind-trained lithographer in Boston. He trained with Richard Ryan and Andrew Raftery as an MFA student at Yale before eventually teaching there and inviting artists to the university to collaborate on prints. As a fellow at the Fine Arts Workshop in Provincetown in the early 1990s, Mockler met Michael Mazur, Joan Snyder, and Jacqueline Humphries all of whom were important early collaborators. Snyder and Humphries continue to make editions at Jungle Press today.   –SR
Photo Credit: Elisabeth Berezansky for IPCNY