After a notable tenure at Pace Prints, Ruth Lingen (pictured with artist Matthew Day Jackson) established Line Press Limited with Nina Dine in 2018. Located in Dumbo, the printshop is a collaborative press specializing in hand-set type, woodcut, lithography, and handmade paper, with the aim of producing innovative book and print projects with contemporary artists. Lingen studied with celebrated printmakers Walter Hamady and Bill Weege at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she received her MFA. She also trained with Joe Wilfer while in graduate school and later worked for him at Pace. Lingen acquired a vast knowledge of nineteenth century letterpress printing and typography, essential aspects of her bookmaking expertise, from Barbara Henry at Bowne & Co. Stationers, her first employer in New York. Lingen published artist books under Poote Press in Madison and New York until 2004; in 2005 she began publishing under the imprint Picture Books, which still exists today. She has worked closely with a number of important artists including Chuck Close, Jim Dine, and Alan Shields, and is responsible for the production of many of their most important editions.   –SR