Manhattan graphics center | Michele van de Roer: The Infinite Plate II

June 30 - July 27, 2018

"Michele is on a mission, a fearless exploration of printing in all media know to mankind, on copper or wood, with acid or with sugarlift, building a wonderful body of work."

"Michèle est investie d’une mission, une exploration intrépide de la gravure à travers toutes les techniques connues de l’humanité : sur cuivre ou sur bois, à l’acide ou au sucre, construisant un merveilleux corpus d’œuvres." - John Szoke Gallery, New York, Septembre 2017 John Szoke

In an evolution of  ‘The Infinite Plate’ show at MGC Gallery in 2015, Michèle van de Roer provides a further interpretation of her work using both Japanese reduction woodblock carving techniques as taught by Takuji  Hamanako and sugar lift techniques by Vijay Kumar.  This extension of her earlier work entitled ‘The Infinite Plate II’ uses a single matrix and a variety of printing combinations to assert that there is great variety even in apparent commonality.  The same curvilinear patterns variously suggest to the viewer topography, drapery and volumetric dimension that are highly sculptural and diverse.