Pace paper


Richard Solomon, President of Pace Editions, Inc., had long been interested in the creative potential of handmade paper.  In the 1980s and 1990s Solomon, with the expertise of Joe Wilfer, had encouraged Pace artists Louise Nevelson, Mary Heilman, Alan Shields, Donald Baechler and Chuck Close to explore casting and stenciling paper from paper pulp.  In 2008, as President of Pace Prints, Solomon decided to set up a papermill, entrusting this new venture to Ruth Lingen, who had been collaborating with Chuck Close on paper pulp projects at Amagansett,Applied Arts, in a paper studio set up by Susan Gosin. Pace Paper opened in 2009 in Gowanus, just across the street from Watanabe Press, also dedicated to Pace Prints projects.  Among the artists, who tapped the skills and creativity of Ruth Lingen, printer Justin Israels, and Akemi Martin at Pace Paper are Chuck Close, Ryan McGinness, Donald Baechler, James Siena, Nicola López, Leonardo Drew, Shepard Fairey, and Will Cotton.

In some of the early projects Lingen and Israels mixed media, utilizing the shop’s hydraulic press to “cross pollinate” paper pulp, as Lingen has phrased it, with relief printing.  For other processes, especially lithography, they relied on equipment at other shops: in Brooklyn, Gowanus Studio Space, Deb Chaney Editions, and Tomomo Ono’s studio; in Manhattan, Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop and Manhattan Graphics Center.  In recent years, Pace Paper, now under the direction of Akemi Martin has focused on the three-dimensional possibilities of paper pulp, while Pace Print’s 18th Street workshop concentrates on print-based media. Lingen continues to work on special projects with Pace Paper.

157 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215