Published by the Artist: Brooklyn Edition

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On view: June 20–29, 2019
Organized by Printmakers Anonymous, Kirsten Flaherty, and Rob Swainston, featuring more than 150 Self-Publishing Artists and Community Printshops including: 8-Ball Community, Bushwick Print Lab, Du-Good Press, Gowanus Studio Space, and Shoestring Press, among others.

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Published by the Artist, IPCNY’s biennial pop-up exhibition and fundraiser, displays work priced at $400 or less, to encourage a younger generation of artists and collectors to acquire art and support their peers. Proceeds of all sales are shared equally by the artists and by IPCNY to benefit our exhibitions and programming. Published by the Artist: Brooklyn Edition focused on the wide-ranging network of emerging and established self-publishing artists in the borough, and was an extension of our Spring exhibition Pulled In Brooklyn.

Pulled In Brooklyn


On view: April 4–June 15, 2019
Curated by: Roberta Waddell, Samantha Rippner, and consulting printer Luther Davis

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Co-curated by Roberta Waddell and Samantha Rippner, in consultation with Luther Davis, Pulled In Brooklyn was the first in-depth exploration of the vibrant network of artists, printers, and workshops that has developed and flourished in Brooklyn since the early 1990s. This monumental exhibition was also IPCNY’s first to occupy two adjacent spaces, more than doubling the scale of our previous presentations. The archived webpage features videos at several of the printshops along with close looks at the shops through a digital directory.

Presses & Publishers: 10 Grand Press, Afternoon Editions, Axelle Editions, Cannonball Press, Deb Chaney Editions, Dieu Donné, Dobbin Books, Fine Art Printing, Ltd., Forth Estate Editions, Haven Press Studio, Jennifer Melby Editions, Jungle Press Editions, Kayrock Screenprinting, Keigo Prints, Line Press Limited, Marginal Editions, Peter Kruty Editions, Powerhouse Arts Printshop (formerly BRT Printshop), Prints of Darkness, Purgatory Pie Press, Russell Janis, Shoestring Press, Small Editions, Takuji Hamanaka, Ugly Duckling Presse, and Watanabe Studio Ltd.

Artists: Matthew Abbott, Michael Adams, Reed Anderson, Rosaire Appel, Donald Baechler, Glen Baldridge, Brian Belott, Anders Bergstrom, Mel Bochner, Matt Bollinger, András Böröcz in collaboration with Robbin Ami Silverberg, Tom Burckhardt, Brendan Cass, Lauren Clay, Ian Cooper, Lesley Dill, Alex Dodge, Angela Dufresne, Nicole Eisenman, Jonathan Fabricant, Elise Ferguson, Dan Flanagan, Rachel Foullon, Chie Fueki, Ellie Ga, Ellen Gallagher, Ignacio Gatica, Ava Gerber, Robert Gober, Joanne Greenbaum, Jennifer Grimyser, Justin Hager, Anna Haifisch, Michael Hambouz, Susan Happersett, Erik Hougen, Peter Hristoff, Jacqueline Humphries, Matthew Day Jackson, Butt Johnson, Dion Johnson, William Kaizen, Raeleen Kao, Matt Keegan, Shelagh Keeley, Eliza Kentridge, Andrew Kuo, Alix Lambert, Robert Lazzarini, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Sol LeWitt, Nicola López, Mikhail Magaril, Tim Maul, Kristen Martincic, Florian Meisenberg, Douglas Melini, Sean Mellyn, Michael Merck, Melissa Meyer, Jill Moser, Carrie Moyer, Robert Moskowitz, Sophy Naess, Michael Neff, Brittany Nelson, John Newsom, Jeanine Oleson, Sheryl Oppenheim, Claudio Orso, Jaime Palacios, Joe Peppe, Mylene Pionilla, Hanneline Røgeberg, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Jackie Saccoccio, Keris Salmon, Katia Santibañez, Isabelle Schipper, Dana Schutz, Dread Scott, Jonathan Seliger, Joan Snyder, Andrew Spence, Art Spiegelman, Ruby Sky Stiler, Donald Sultan, Keigo Takahashi, Craig Taylor, JG Thirlwell, Nicola Tyson, Jess Underwood, Joseph Velasquez, Charline von Heyl, Nathan Vincent, Kara Walker, Dan Walsh, Ouattara Watts, Mark Wagner, Michelle Weinberg, and Andy Yoder.  

Forms of Enclosure: New Prints 2019/Winter

unnamed (4).png

On view: January 17–March 23, 2019
Selected by: May Castleberry, Elleree Erdos, Tatana Kellner, and David Sandlin

About the New Prints Program

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Artists: Lisa Anne Auerbach, Susan Belau, Jill Burks, Susan Goethel Campbell, Allison Conley, Gabriela Esterovich, Caroline Forest, Alice Gauthier, Alicja Grobelka, Gary Groves, Lucy Holtsnider, Anna Hutchings, Richard Hutter, Rashid Johnson, Alison Judd, Enrique Leal, Kate Liebman, Judith Linhares, Mallory, Taryn McMahon, Zoran Mishe, Sean P. Morrissey, Ulrike Müller, Gail D. Panske, Arel Lisette Peckler, Claudia Rofman, Janet Yagoda Shagam, Rob Swainston, Naho Taruishi, and Kyung Eun You.

Presses and Publishers: 10 Grand Press, Aspinwall Editions, Hauser & Wirth Editions, Island Press, Planthouse, PRINT NEST Studio, and Prints of Darkness.

Postcard: Ulrike Müller. KEKS, 2018. Monotype with chine-collé. Sheet: 29 x 22 inches. Printed by Marina Ancona; published by 10 Grand Press, Brooklyn. Edition: Unique. Courtesy of the artist and 10 Grand Press, Brooklyn, NY. © 2019 10 Grand Press & the artist

Installation views: Elisabeth Berezansky for IPCNY

Edge of Visibility


On view: October 4–December 19, 2018
Curated by Susan Tallman
in partnership with Art in Print

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Edge of Visibility, curated in conjunction with the September-October issue of the journal Art in Print by its editor-in-chief Susan Tallman, focuses on low-visibility strategies in printmaking.  With over forty works spanning the 17th century to the present, the exhibition features laborious microengravings and subtle watermarks to evanescent images printed with UV-reactive inks.

Artists: Fiona Banner, Barbara Bloom, Jacques Callot, Megan Foster, Levi David van Gelder, Samuel Levi Jones, William Kentridge, Matthew Kenyon & Douglas Easterly, Glenn Ligon, Christian Marclay, Boris Margo, Kerry James Marshall, Chris Ofili, Philippe Parreno, William Pratt, Johann Michael Püchler, Walid Raad, Ad Reinhardt, Art Spiegelman & Françoise Mouly, Timorous Beasties (Alistair McAuley & Paul Simmons), and Susan York.

Press: The Guardian, The Art Newspaper, Widewalls, Untapped Cities, Gotham to Go

Susan Tallman’s Introductory Text:

Art is meant to be looked at. And yet for centuries artists have made art that is literally hard to see—too small, too dark, too intricate, too ephemeral. 

They have done so for many reasons: to hide things from prying eyes, or to reward those who stay; to tease the viewer by hinting, withholding and revealing in turns; to point out how certain things and people pass unnoticed; to call attention to what hovers just out of sight. As a remedy and a pleasure, they invite us to slow down and look. 

The twenty-four artists in this exhibition span four centuries, from the 17th to the present. They have employed microcalligraphy and phosphorescent pigments, watermarks and inkless printing, opalescence and reflectivity. They have made pictures about ghosts, monsters, Blackness, whiteness, and the ultimate mysteries of art, sex and God. 

These are covert pictures. In most cases our first impressions will be wrong, and rightly so. Viewing is at the heart of this exercise—what it means to see, physically, metaphysically, socially and politically. 

The edge of visibility is an uncertain place. It takes time to get the picture. In that sense, it is exactly like the world itself.

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Multilayered: New Prints 2018/Summer


On view: June 26 - September 22, 2018
Selected by: Juan Sánchez

About the New Prints Program

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Artists: Richard Armendariz, Stephen Barnwell, Ana Benaroya, Elizabeth Bennett, David Bligh, Leonie Bradley & Catherine Cartwright, Mary Sherwood Brock, Danqi Cai, Helen Cantrell, Mehdi Dandi, Pamela DeLaura, Madge Evers, Sandra C. Fernandez, Enrique Figueredo, Ke Francis, Jenny Freestone, Kyle Goen, Paul Hunter, Ellen Coleman Izzo, KaKeArt (Tatana Kellner & Ann Kalmbach), Morteza Khakshoor, Ewelina Kolakowska, Natalia Kwiatkowska, Monty Little, Luciana Maiorana, Atefeh Mohareri, Elena Monaco, Shervone Neckles, Madhini Nirmal, Emma Nishimura, Lucy Plowe, Agung Prabowo, Elly Prestegard, Karen Revis, Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Carolyn Sheehan, Kathia St.Hilaire, Sean Steed, Sajeev Vadakoottu, Dominique Vitali, David Wischer, and Jayoung Yoon.

Presses and Publishers: Antarctica Arts, Flatbed Press, Hoopsnake Press, Same Same Press, sfernandez Press & Taller, Shadow Press, Stamperia I Torchi, Studio Sherwood, and Women's Studio Workshop.


Curated by Susan Gosin and Mina Takahashi  

On view April 5 - June 14, 2018

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Paper/Print: American Hand Papermaking, 1960s to Today, traces the development of hand papermaking as an artistic medium in the United States, both in conjunction with printmaking and in its own right, with over 65 other artists who have made outstanding work in the medium, from the 1960s to today. Representing a multitude of artistic disciplines, the works demonstrate how artists, papermakers, and publishers have together redefined and expanded the inherent creative possibilities of the papermaking process. 

This focused exhibition is the first to trace the American hand-papermaking revolution as an outgrowth of the printmaking renaissance. It brings together the best, along with some of the rarest and lesser known examples, of two-dimensional works, artist books, and cast-paper multiples to spotlight the closely intertwined American stories of printmaking and papermaking in the contemporary period. Spanning more than fifty years, the exhibition will examine the transformation of paper from its traditional role as a substrate for prints to an active partner—and stand-alone medium—in the creation of editions and unique works by such groundbreaking artists of the 20th and 21st century as Mel Bochner, Lynda Benglis, Chakaia Booker, Lesley Dill, Leonardo Drew, David Hockney, Louise Nevelson, Robert Rauschenberg, and Richard Tuttle, to name just a few.

The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive brochure published by IPCNY, featuring an essay by curators Susan Gosin and Mina Takahashi and a bibliography providing further historical context for the material on view.

Artists: Polly Apfelbaum, Laura Anderson Barbata, Laurence Barker, Barbara Beisinghoff, Lynda Benglis, Kim Berman, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Robert Blackburn, Mel Bochner, Chakaia Booker, Louise Bourgeois, Mary Callery, Drew Cameron, Chuck Close, Will Cotton, E.V. Day, Lesley Dill, Leonardo Drew, Melvin Edwards, Natalie Frank, Helen Frankenthaler, Helen Frederick, Ellen Gallagher, Robert Gober, Ethan Greenbaum, Walter Hamady, Jane Hammond, Karen Hardy, Jacob Hashimoto, Daniel Heidkamp, David Hockney, Jim Hodges, Douglass Morse Howell, Emiko Kasahara, Tatana Kellner, Ellsworth Kelly, Mel Kendrick, William Kentridge, Abby Leigh, Glenn Ligon, Winifred Lutz, Drew Luan Matott, Robert Motherwell, Lydia Musco, Louise Nevelson, Kenneth Noland, Frank O’Hara, Michele Oka Doner, Michael Ponce de Leon, Robert Rauschenberg, John Risseeuw, Larry Rivers, Edward Ruscha, Juan Sánchez, Jonathan Seliger, Arlene Shechet, Margaret Mahan Sheppard, Alan Shields, James Siena, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Kiki Smith, Buzz Spector, Frank Stella, Jessica Stockholder, Michelle Stuart, Do Ho Suh, Richard Tuttle, Claire Van Vliet, Chuck Webster, Paul Wong, Yanomami Owë Mamotima, John Yau.

Publishers & Workshops: BluSeed Studios, Brodsky Center, Casa Sin Nombre Editions, Dieu Donné, Dieu Donné Press, Dobbin Books, Durham Press, Gemini G.E.L., Hand Papermaking, Inc., The Janus Press, Kuboaa, Library Fellows of the Whitney, Museum of American Art, Lower East Side Printshop, Mixografia, Pace Editions, Inc., The Perishable Press Limited, Pyramid Atlantic, Two Palms, Tyler Graphics Ltd., Universal Limited Art Editions, Wildwood Press, Women’s Studio Workshop.


Edging Forward: New Prints 2018/Winter


On view: January 11 – March 28, 2018
Selected by: Miguel A. Aragón, Natasha Becker, Pepe Coronado, Bernard Lumpkin, Jennifer Melby, and Mark Waskow

About the New Prints Program

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ArtistsDerrick Adams, Conrad Botes, Nicholas Brown, Marianne Dages, Kristina Davis, Jacomijn den Engelsen, Tim Dooley & Aaron Wilson, Olesya Dzhurayeva, Lisbeth Firmin, Kevin Frances, Jennifer Globush, Karinna Gomez, Keeley Haftner, Vanessa Hall-Patch, David W. Hawkins, Marco Hernandez, Neah Kelly, Cedar Kirwin & Paula Lycan, Geneviève L'Heureux, Shivangi Ladha, J Myszka Lewis, Monique Martin, Ashley May, Jessica S. Meuninck-Ganger, Nic Annette Miller & Emily Fischer, Golbanou Moghaddas, Rod Nelson, Sharron Okines, Tatjana Pavićević, Laura Peturson, Bundith Phunsombatlert, Kevin Pomerleau, Pete Rangel, Christina Carlyle Reed, Scott Reeds, Alison Saar, John-Mark Schlink, Harry Schneider, Qiaoyi Shi, MyungJin Song, Morgan Strahorn, Eszter Sziksz, Alex Tharnish, Lauren Thorson, Monica Velez, Ericka Walker, Josh K. Winkler, and Zhaoyang Zeng.

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Russian Revolution: A Contested Legacy

Postcard designed by Anton Ginzburg

Postcard designed by Anton Ginzburg

Curated by Masha Chlenova
On view: October 12 – December 16, 2017

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Russian Revolution: A Contested Legacy, commemorating the centennial of the 1917 Russian Revolution, looks beyond the canon of the Russian avant-garde to focus on three avenues of individual freedoms sought by the fledgling socialist society: the equality and emancipation of women; internationalism, including racial equality and the rights of ethnic minorities in Russia, especially Jews; and sexual and gay liberation.


By placing a selection of historical printed works by key Russian avant-garde artists of the 1920s and 1930s, including such well-known names as Gustav KlucisEl Lissitzky, and Elizaveta Ignatovich, in dialogue with contemporary works by Russian-born, New York-based artists Yevgeniy Fiks and Anton Ginzburg, the exhibition evaluates these often-obscured goals of the Revolution and addresses their continued urgency today – in Russia, the United States, and elsewhere. 

The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive brochure designed by Anton Ginzburg and published by IPCNY, featuring an essay by curator Masha Chlenova as well as an illustrated chronology by Chlenova and Yevgeniy Fiks and a bibliography providing further historical context for the material on view.

Selected Press: The Calvert JournalHuffington PostStudio InternationalThe TabletThe Root

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Published by the Artist 2017

pbta image.jpg

On view: September 22 - October 5, 2017
Curated by: Angela Conant and Grayson Cox

Published by the Artist, IPCNY’s biennial pop-up exhibition and fundraiser, displays work priced at $400 or less, so that the younger generation of artists and collectors can start acquiring and supporting their peers. Proceeds of all sales are shared equally by the artist and IPCNY to benefit its exhibitions and programming.

Artists Grayson Cox and Angela Conant invited a wide range of artists, from emerging voces to well-known names like Kiki Smith and Dan Walsh, to donate prints for the exhibition. In addition to these donations, participating artists have also been invited to create risograph editions in IPCNY’s new workshop space, as part of a collaboration with The Sunview Luncheonette

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JUST UNDER 100: New Prints 2017/Summer

NP 2017 Summer postcard pussy hats2_Page_1.jpg

On view: June 22 - September 16, 2017
Selected by: Katherine Bradford

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About the New Prints Program

Artists: Golnar Adili, Andranik Aroutiounian, Martin Azevedo, Felipe Baeza, Bob Barancik, Mark Barry, Anne Beresford, Kathleen Bonanni, Caeli Carr-Potter, Veronica Ceci, Liz Chalfin, Tiberiu Chelcea, Allie Christisen, Ella Coon, Jonas Criscoe, Sage Dawson, Mark Dion, Nancy Doniger, Craig Drennen, Louise Eastman, Timothy Evans, Michelle Farro, Joe Fattori, Gro Finne, Robert Fitzmaurice, Joanne Freeman, Jess Frost, Tara Geer, Leslie Giuliani, Klara Glosova, Trisha Gupta, Libby Hague, Takuji Hamanaka, Amber Hany, Lois Harada, Dominica Harrison, Yuji Hiratsuka, Cooper Holoweski, Cary Hulbert, Su-Li Hung, Sophie Isaak, Martha Ives, Frances Jetter, Warranutchai Kajaree, Susan Kaprov, Neah Kelly, Petra Kriletić, Elsa Lama von Buchwald, Rejin Leys, Joseph Lupo, Beauvais Lyons, Renee Magnanti, Erica Mao, Leonardo Marenghi, Paolo Marino, Michael Menchaca, Katie Michel, Carrie Moyer, Pierre Muckensturm, Kristin Powers Nowlin, Ernesto Ortiz Leyva, Giuseppe Pernigotti, Serena Perrone, Snezana Petrovic, Adam Pitt, Chayan Pol-asa, Michael Prisco, John Rapczak, Jolynn Reigeluth, Minna Resnick, Mark Rice, Ross Sheehan, Jess Sheridan, David Sheskin, Nomi Silverman, Wendy Small, Erin Smith, Janis Stemmermann, Elisabeth Stevens, Valerie Syposz, Eszter Sziksz, Rhiannon Skye Tafoya, Julia Talcott, Saralene Tapley, Lina Tegtmeyer, McKinzie Trotta, Phumelele Tshabalala, Jeanne Verdoux, Vilja Virks-Lee, Alejandro Waskavich, Carol Wax, Karen Whitman, Peter Williams, Jan Wurm, Hai Fei Xie, JooHee Yoon, Tomas Zemla, and Jeremy Zini.

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Other Hats: Icelandic Printmaking

Other Hats Postcard_Page_1.jpg

On view: April 13 - June 10, 2017
Curated by Ingibjörg Jóhannsdóttir and Pari Stave 

Open press release (pdf)
Open checklist (pdf)

Other Hats: Icelandic Printmaking showcases the breadth of printmaking by Icelandic artists. Featuring screenprints, etchings, digital work, artist’s books, and 3D prints, among other works, by over twenty intergenerational Icelandic artists, the exhibition also includes prints by select international artists who have spent enough time in Iceland to have absorbed the ethos of the country. 

The exhibition’s title has two meanings: first, printmaking is often a practice done in parallel with other media and disciplines, and second, Iceland’s uniquely small population often prompts people to hold two or more careers in parallel. Exhibiting artists Magnús Þór Jónsson (Megas), one of Iceland’s most renowned songwriters; Hallgrímur Helgason, one of the country’s celebrated authors; and Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, also known as Shoplifter, whose work in fashion design has included collaborations with Björk, are just three striking examples of this multidisciplinary approach. One of Björk’s artist’s books, Um Úrnat frá Bjork (1984), will also be on view.

Artists are: Arnar Herbertsson, Birgir Andrésson, Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Dieter Roth, Eygló Harðardóttir, Georg Guðni, Guðjón Ketilsson, Hallgrímur Helgason, Helgi Þorgils Friðjónsson, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, Hrafnkell Sigurðsson, Katrín Sigurðardóttir, Kristján Daviðsson, Leifur Ýmir Eyjólfsson, Magnús Þór Jónsson (Megas), Per Kirkeby, Roni Horn, Sara Riel, Rúna Þorkelsdóttir, Rúrí, Sigurður Árni Sigurðsson, Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson, Sigurður Guðmundsson, Sólveig Aðalsteinsdóttir, Þóra Sigurðardóttir, and Valgerður Guðlaugsdóttir.

Selected Press: Huffington Post, Arte Fuse

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Idols and Impossible Structures: New Prints 2017/Winter

Final NP17_postcard_Mizin (1)_Page_1.jpg

On view: January 19 - April 1, 2017
Selected by : Noel W. AndersonAnne CoffinCaitlin CondellLucia HierroMartin Nash, and Françoise de Saint Phalle.

Open press release
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About the New Prints Program

Artists: Kathy Aoki, Miguel A. Aragón, Mildred Beltre, Lauren Cardenas, Maria Providencia Casanovas, Akanksha Vikash Chhajer, Lindsey Clark-Ryan, Steven Daiber, Ryan Davis, Jesus De La Rosa, Donna Diamond, Nicole Eisenman, Kirsten Flaherty, Nabil Gonzalez, Valerie Hammond, Marco Hernandez, Anna Hoberman, Elisapee Ishulutaq, Anne-Marie Lavigne, Liza Lou, Jennifer Manzella, Donald Martin, Michelle Martin, Frederick Mershimer, Gary Michaels, Michelle Murillo, Yoonmi Nam, Joe Nanashe, Tatiana Potts, Benjamin Rinehart, Jenny Robinson, David Sandlin, Yesuk Seo, Mizin Shin, Susannah Stark, Philip Van Keuren, April Vollmer, Brandon Williams, and Imin Yeh.

Presses and Publishers: 10 Grand Press & FIAR (NY), LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies (NY), Manneken Press (IL), Red Trillium Press (MA), Royal College of Art (UK), Purgatory Pie Press (NY), Saturday Press (NV), Studio PM (Canada), and World House Editions (CT).


Black Pulp!

On view: October 12 – December 19, 2016
Curated by Mark Thomas Gibson and William Villalongo

Open the full press release (.pdf)
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On tour: 
June 2 - July 20, 2017
The Contemporary Art Museum at the University of South Florida
September 19 - December 10, 2017
Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery at
Wesleyan University
February 2 - April 29, 2018
The African American Museum in Philadelphia

Black Pulp! examines evolving perspectives of Black identity in American culture and history from 1912 to 2016 through contemporary works of art and rare historical printed media. The exhibition includes works by artists, graphic designers, and publishers in formats ranging from little known comic books to covers for historic books and magazines, to etchings, digital prints, drawings, and media-based works by some of today’s leading artists. The exhibition is organized by artists William Villalongo and Mark Thomas Gibson, and is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue, extensive didactics, and free public programming.

The exhibition features contemporary works by an intergenerational group of 21 artists from the Black diaspora: Derrick Adams, Laylah Ali, Firelei Báez, Nayland Blake, Robert Colescott, Renee Cox, William Downs, Ellen Gallagher, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Lucia Hierro, Yashua Klos, Kerry James Marshall, Wangechi Mutu, Lamar Peterson, Pope.L, Kenny Rivero, Alexandria Smith, Felandus Thames, Hank Willis Thomas, Kara Walker, and Fred Wilson.

The exhibition situates these works in the context of rare historical books, comics, newspapers, and related ephemera, from Alain LeRoy Locke’s The New Negro (1925) and Wallace Thurman’s quarterly Fire!!: Devoted to the Younger Negro Artists (1926) to Jackie Ormes’ comic strip Torchy in Heartbeats (1953). Other historical artists and writers on view are Gwendolyn Bennett, E. Simms Campbell, Miguel Covarrubias, Charles Cullen, Countee Cullen, Sadie Iola Daniel, Aaron Douglas, Emory Douglas, W.E.B. Dubois, George J. Evans, Jr., Elton C. Fax, Billy Graham, Oliver W. Harrington, George Herriman, Alvin Hollingsworth, Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston, Charles S. Johnson, James Weldon Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Gertrude McBrown, Dwayne McDuffie, Owen Middleton, Richard Bruce Nugent, Laura Wheeler Waring, Charles White and Carter G. Woodson.

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Innervisions: New Prints 2016/Summer


On view: June 16 - September 24, 2016
Selected by: Dan Walsh

About New Prints Program

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Artists: Marina Adams, Alison Alder, Rosaire Appel, Peter Baczek, Allison Bianco, Monika Brzegowska, Phillip Chen, María Chillón, Douglas Collins, Claudia Cron, Luca Cruzat, Ella Desmond, Annelies Dykgraaf, Leslie Eliet, Beth Fein, Robert Fitzmaurice, Gabriella Grill, Gary Groves, Alicja Habisiak-Matczak, Vanessa Hall-Patch, Takuji Hamanaka, Emma Hammond-Thomas, Amber Heaton, Cecily Brooke Howell, Sarah Hulsey, Su-Li Hung, Paul John, Lynne Johnson, Hildur M H Jónasson, Tressa Jones, Carrie Phillips Kieser, Maho Kino, Andrew Kozlowski, Christopher B. Lane, Nancy Lasar, Marc Lepson, Stefano Luciano, Steve McClure, Monika Meler, Carol Montgomery, Thomas J. Norulak, Kristina Norvilaite, Cheryl Paswater, Dennis Peterson, Eija Piironen, Senso, Suo Yuan Wang, Cory Wasnewsky, Ian J. Welch and Susan York.

Suspended Animation: Moving Images in Print


On view: April 7 - June 12, 2016
Curated by: Lotte Marie Allen

Open press release
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Suspended Animation highlights the experimental nature of animation with works that explore historical, fictional, and performative subjects through motion, sound and stillness. With moving images and works on paper displayed side-by-side, this rich viewing experience provides a window into the artist’s creative process and the intrinsic qualities of printmaking that connect with time-based works. This includes printmaking’s long-established serial structure; its capacity for the sequential progression of image development; and the reproduction and repetition of images. The exhibition demonstrates how artists engage with myriad techniques and strategies of printmaking as an extension of drawing practice. This ranges from the hand-etched and printed line, to collages of woodcut and laser-cut elements, to silkscreen and digital prints. 

New Prints 2016/ Winter


On view: January 28 - March 26, 2016
Selected by: Diana Burroughs, Carl Fudge, Clare Garfield , David Senior, Justin Sanz, and Marie Tennyson.

About the New Prints Program

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Open brochure with curatorial essay

Artists: J.L. Abraham, Ann Aspinwall, Michael Barnes, Mary Lynn Blasutta, Marcin Bochenek, Nathan Catlin, Ann Conrad Stewart, Josh Dannin, Dexter Davis, Andrew DeCaen, Jeffrey Dell, Eliza Evans, Eduardo Fausti, Devra Fox, Miracola Giacomo, Karinna Gomez, Susan Graham, Sheila Gritte, Rafael Guiavarc’h and Elisabeth Bikond Nkoma, Libby Hague, Valerie Hammond, M. Benjamin Herndon, Cassandra Hooper, Cary Hulbert, Richard Hull, Anna Hutchings, Zack Ingram, Yvonne Jacquette, Frances Jetter, Sandra Kelch, Robin J. Koss, Dominique Labauvie, Karen Lederer, Emmy Lingscheit, Christina Maile, Luciana Maiorana, Theresa Martin, Kathy McGhee, Mary Mead, Gary Michaels, Nic Annette Miller, Sarah Plimpton, Laura Post, Padmavathy Rajendran, Renée Rockoff, Edo Rosenblith, John Schiff, Catherine Stack, Beth Sutherland, Eszter Sziksz, and Ian J. Welch.

Presses and Publishers: Aspinwall Editions (NY), Atelier le Grand Village (France), Bleu Acier Inc. (FL), Le Genou Vrillé (France), Howard Street Press (NY), Manneken Press (IL), Shark’s Ink (CO), Shock Press at Wichita State University (TX), and VanDeb Editions (NY).

Commedia: New Prints 2015/ Autumn


On view: November 19, 2015- January 16, 2016
Selected by: Tomas Vu Daniel

About the New Prints Program

Open press release
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Artists: Todd Anderson, Kathy Aoki, Evan Bellantone, Marcin Bialas, Allison Bianco, Mary Lynn Blasutta, Sebastiaan Bremer, Noah Breuer, Patrick Casey, Nathan Catlin, Phillip Chen, Matthew Colaizzo, Nick Conbere, Aurélien Couput, David Curcio, Kara Dunne, Scott Espeseth, Megan Foster, Carl Fudge, Rebecca Gilbert, Kevin Haas, Ellen Heck, Amira Hegazy, John Holmgren, Mary Hood, Cary Hulbert, Eeva Huotari, Fleming Jeffries, Crystal Johnson, Leekyung Kang, Kamil Kocurek, Andrew Kosten, Andrew Kozlowski, Sara Langworthy, Yujin Lee, Michael Loderstedt, Kate MacNeil, Barbara Madsen, Renee Magnanti, Nicole Maloof, Jessica Meuninck-Ganger, Barbara Milman, Anne Muntges, Lorella Paleni, Kurt Pammer, Margherita Paoletti, Jill Parisi, Alyssa Piro, Kasey Ramirez, Mark Rice, Jenny Robinson, Jungyeon Roh, Michelle Rozic, David Sandlin, Carrie Scanga, William Skerritt, Evan Summer, Rob Swainston, Clare Szydlowski, and Sergey Zlotnikov.

Presses and Publishers:  Choir Alley Press (OR), Sinland Press (NY), Lower East Side Print Shop (NY), Moonlight Editions (NY), Groveland Editions (OH), 2 by 2 Press (NY), Prints of Darkness (NY).

Moving Images: Printmaking & Animation


On view: September 24 - November 10, 2015
Curated by: Lotte Allen

Moving Images explores the relationship between printmaking and the moving image. Organized by Lotte Allen. Artists include Kakyoung Lee, Nicola López, Kiki Smith, Justin Sanz, Rob Swainston and Mark Webber.

Printmaking and animation are rooted in similar historical traditions – and both use the multiple in various ways. Where multiples within the context of printmaking have always been associated with social change and the dissemination of information, multiples are used to create an actual animation, frame for frame. In the case of using prints to create a stop-motion animation, the medium of printmaking lends itself to creating moving images, where each print represents a frame in the animation’s narrative. While contemporary animation is most often associated with computer graphics and drawing, printmaking is used more frequently to create animations by artists at all stages of their careers.

Weaving Past into Present: Experiments in Contemporary Native American Printmaking


On view: September 24 - November 10, 2015
Organized by: Sarah Diver

Open press release
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Over forty works by twelve artists will be included with techniques ranging from lithography, etching, silkscreen, linocut and monoprint, to three-dimensional multi-media constructions. Affiliations of the artists include Mohawk, Seneca, Navajo, Flathead/Salish, Chiricahua Apache, Cree, Plains Cultures, Colville Confederate Tribes and Wiyot.

“Weaving Past into Present” has been organized in collaboration with Sarah Diver, Project Coordinator, who is contributing the curatorial essay for the exhibition. Ms. Diver writes: “This exhibition focuses on the work of current indigenous printmakers who utilize…history as a visual language…Grounding their work in the images, textures, and experiences of the colonial era, artists layer old and new, past and present to explore how the attitudes which shaped 19th-century policies and practices continue to resonate in popular culture today.”

Artists included in the exhibition are: Lynne Allen, Rick Bartow, Joe Feddersen, John Hitchcock, Brad Kahlhamer, Jason Lujan, Alan Michelson, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Jewel Shaw, Marie Watt, Emmi Whitehorse, and Melanie Yazzie.

Workshops represented are Crow’s Shadow Press (OR); Hybrid Press (WI); LeRoy Nieman Center for Print Studies (NY); Sitka Center for Art and Ecology (OR); Tamarind Institute (NM); and Vermillion Editions Limited (TX).

IPCNY is grateful to the artists, publishers, and to the Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer for so generously lending works to this exhibition.

Selected Press: The Brooklyn Rail

Published by the Artist 2015

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On view: September 10 - 17, 2015
Selected by: Erik Hougen

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Artists: Bill Abdale, Beverly Acha, Golnar Adili, Fanny Allié, BJ Alumbaugh, Silvina Arismendi, ASVP, Felipe Baeza, Bryan Christopher Baker, Amy Barkow, David Barthold, Guy Ben-Ari, Anders Bergstrom, Megan Berk, Edwin Bethea, Josh Bindewald, Sonya Blesofsky, Theresa Bloise, Noah Breuer, Sarah Carpenter, Blake Carrington, Nathan Catlin, Andrew Chan, Deb Chaney, Laura Charlton, Noa Charuvi, Katie Commodore, Matthew Conradt, Mary Cosh, Grayson Cox, Maia Cruz Palileo, Helen Dennis, Kelly Driscoll, Stella Ebner, Julia Elsas, Ivan Forde, Mark Franchino, Robyn Frank, Beka Goedde, Kate Goyette, Rhia Hurt, Justin Israels, Amy Jacobs, Craig Kaths, Jane Kent, Daniel Kingery, Charles Koegel, Alix Lambert, Jon Legere, Dana Lemoine, Ruth Lingen, Erika Lipkes, Jeb Long, Eric LoPresti, Rita MacDonald, Elise Margolis, Esperanza Mayobre, Martin Mazorra, Arturo Meade, Elizabeth Meggs, Donna Moran, Fumi Mini Nakamura, Tomomi Ono, Seamus Liam O’ Brien, Bridget Parris, Anthony Picarelli, David Pierce, Ben Pinder, Lina Puerta, Krystal Quiles, Jay Riggio, Elle Rotstein, Patrick Rowe, Justin Sanz, Sarah Shebaro, Tiffany Smith, Charles Spitzack, Melissa Staiger, Jonathan Stanish, Beth Sutherland, Katsumi Suzuki, Lisa Switalski, Keigo Takahashi, Matt Van Asselt, Daniel Vasquez, John Volk, Jeff Vreeland, Leah Wolff, Christine Wong Yap