Moving Images: Printmaking & Animation


On view: September 24 - November 10, 2015
Curated by: Lotte Allen

Moving Images explores the relationship between printmaking and the moving image. Organized by Lotte Allen. Artists include Kakyoung Lee, Nicola López, Kiki Smith, Justin Sanz, Rob Swainston and Mark Webber.

Printmaking and animation are rooted in similar historical traditions – and both use the multiple in various ways. Where multiples within the context of printmaking have always been associated with social change and the dissemination of information, multiples are used to create an actual animation, frame for frame. In the case of using prints to create a stop-motion animation, the medium of printmaking lends itself to creating moving images, where each print represents a frame in the animation’s narrative. While contemporary animation is most often associated with computer graphics and drawing, printmaking is used more frequently to create animations by artists at all stages of their careers.