Wallworks: Contemporary Pictorial Wallpapers

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On view: March 11 - April 24, 2010
Curated by: Sarah Richards

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Wallworks contextualizes contemporary wallpaper design by examining its evolution over a period of some two hundred years. Curated by decorative arts specialist Sarah Richards, it will include 35-40 examples of commercially available wallpaper illustrating the intersection of the decorative arts and culture at large.  The range of technologies included in the exhibition will illuminate the commercial application of fine art printmaking techniques. Traditional mediums, such as woodcut and screenprint, will be shown along with mechanical reproduction and modern digital techniques.

Papers celebrating George Washington’s Inauguration will hang alongside examples reflecting popular fascination with cowboy culture and foreign lands, as well as contemporary subjects such as air travel. Nature is present in the form of reptiles, bats, domesticated animals, and avian subjects of all variety, and social history is examined in scenes of life in Harlem and community.