New Prints 2008/Autumn


On view: October 22 - November 22, 2008
Selected by: Matthew Day Jackson, Jacob Lewis, Barbara Sahlman, Julie Saul, James Stroud, and Robert Waddell

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Artists: Lauren Abshire, Glen Baldridge, J. Catherine Bebout, Marieke Bolhuis, Matthew Brannon, Nicholas Brown, Ryan Burkhart, Susan Goethe! Campbell, Stacey Cann, Kerstin Cedell, Phillip Chen, Briar Craig, Luke Dorman, Rick Finn, Quintin Gonzalez, Valerie Hammond, Adriane Herman, Tatana Kellner, Damon Kowarsky,Janet Marcavage, Teresa Gomez Martorell,Jiha Moon, Yoko  Motomiya, Ethan Murrow, Heidi Neilson, Tom Orr, Krista Peters, Raymond Pettibon, Sarah Nicole Phillips, Ron Rocco, Nick Satinover, Joyce J. Scott, Scott Stephens, Sarah Sze,  Ivanco Talevski, Richard Tuttle and John Yau,Joe Waks, Allan Wexler, Wang Yuhui. 

New Prints 2008 / Autumn includes three artists books and five three-dimensional objects. Highlights of the exhibition include: Lauren Abshire's Spyglass, a telescope through which a digital print on transparency can be viewed; Glen Baldridge's Here Come the Miracles, a sixty-four-block, seven­ color intaglio wiped relief printed woodcut with two panels upon which "okay" and "fine" are written in a flourished, German-Gothic font; Phillip Chen's Powhatan, a three panel, six-foot relief etching depicting an unlikely assembly of objects ranging from feathers to flying machines; Susan Goethel Campbell and Stacy Cann 's Natural Wonder: Old Faithful and Crowd, are grids exploring the serial nature of printmaking; Krista Peter's Collapsible Home, a three-dimensional etching with hand coloring that actually lights its windows from within; Sarah Sze's Notepad, a deconstructed notebook exploding into balconies, stairs, and ladders; and The Missing Portrait, a book designed by Richard Tuttle with text by poet John Yau.