New Prints 2004/Winter: The Random and the Ordered

New Prints_2004 Winter.png

On View: January 15 - February 28, 2004
Selected by: Starr Figura, Kimball Higgs, Jean-Paul Russell, Carol Ann Schuster, and Mina Takahashi

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Artists: Richard Artschwager, William Bailey, A.J. Bocchino, Louise Bourgeois, Enrique Chagoya, Ann Conner, Daniel Martin Diaz, Lesley Dill, Alexandar Duravcevic, Amze Emmons, Brian Fridge, Mona Hatoum, Sarah Hauser, Perigrine Honig, William Kentridge, Paula Schuette Kramer, Cameron Martin, Raymond Pettibon, Endi Poskovic, Ed Ruscha and Leah Siegel.

Presses and Publishers: Hamilton Press, Venice, CA.; Hare & Hound Press, San Antonio, TX.; Landfall Press, Chicago, IL.; Open Gate Press, Madison, WI.; Segura Publishing Co., Mesa, AZ.; Shark's Ink, Lyons, CO.; Tandem Press, Madison, WI., and D2 Press, Dieu Donne Paperrnill, Harlan & Weaver and Procuniar Workshop, all of New York City

“Take five art professionals and put them in a room for the better part of a work day, turn off the lights, and show them more than 800 slides of recent printed art submitted by artists, publishers, and print workshops from all over the cow1try (and, in a few cases, outside the U.S.), then ask them to collectively select an exhibition from these images. There is an undeniably random aspect of this process--the slides submitted do not represent every artist, publisher, or workshop, just those who chose to submit at this time; the people doing the viewing have come with different interests and (conscious or unconscious) agendas; and, although the slides are viewed and reviewed numerous times over the course of several hours, the limitation of a single day prohibits any extensive research or rethinking about what is being seen. And yet this inherent randomness is in many ways the juried exhibition's greatest virtue, for it is a controlled chaos that allows for a selection based on both knowledge and instinct, and an exhibition that ultimately includes a stimulating balance of the familiar and the unexpected.”

-Starr Figura