Curated by Susan Gosin and Mina Takahashi  

On view April 5 - June 14, 2018

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Paper/Print: American Hand Papermaking, 1960s to Today, traces the development of hand papermaking as an artistic medium in the United States, both in conjunction with printmaking and in its own right, with over 65 other artists who have made outstanding work in the medium, from the 1960s to today. Representing a multitude of artistic disciplines, the works demonstrate how artists, papermakers, and publishers have together redefined and expanded the inherent creative possibilities of the papermaking process. 

This focused exhibition is the first to trace the American hand-papermaking revolution as an outgrowth of the printmaking renaissance. It brings together the best, along with some of the rarest and lesser known examples, of two-dimensional works, artist books, and cast-paper multiples to spotlight the closely intertwined American stories of printmaking and papermaking in the contemporary period. Spanning more than fifty years, the exhibition will examine the transformation of paper from its traditional role as a substrate for prints to an active partner—and stand-alone medium—in the creation of editions and unique works by such groundbreaking artists of the 20th and 21st century as Mel Bochner, Lynda Benglis, Chakaia Booker, Lesley Dill, Leonardo Drew, David Hockney, Louise Nevelson, Robert Rauschenberg, and Richard Tuttle, to name just a few.

The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive brochure published by IPCNY, featuring an essay by curators Susan Gosin and Mina Takahashi and a bibliography providing further historical context for the material on view.

Artists: Polly Apfelbaum, Laura Anderson Barbata, Laurence Barker, Barbara Beisinghoff, Lynda Benglis, Kim Berman, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Robert Blackburn, Mel Bochner, Chakaia Booker, Louise Bourgeois, Mary Callery, Drew Cameron, Chuck Close, Will Cotton, E.V. Day, Lesley Dill, Leonardo Drew, Melvin Edwards, Natalie Frank, Helen Frankenthaler, Helen Frederick, Ellen Gallagher, Robert Gober, Ethan Greenbaum, Walter Hamady, Jane Hammond, Karen Hardy, Jacob Hashimoto, Daniel Heidkamp, David Hockney, Jim Hodges, Douglass Morse Howell, Emiko Kasahara, Tatana Kellner, Ellsworth Kelly, Mel Kendrick, William Kentridge, Abby Leigh, Glenn Ligon, Winifred Lutz, Drew Luan Matott, Robert Motherwell, Lydia Musco, Louise Nevelson, Kenneth Noland, Frank O’Hara, Michele Oka Doner, Michael Ponce de Leon, Robert Rauschenberg, John Risseeuw, Larry Rivers, Edward Ruscha, Juan Sánchez, Jonathan Seliger, Arlene Shechet, Margaret Mahan Sheppard, Alan Shields, James Siena, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Kiki Smith, Buzz Spector, Frank Stella, Jessica Stockholder, Michelle Stuart, Do Ho Suh, Richard Tuttle, Claire Van Vliet, Chuck Webster, Paul Wong, Yanomami Owë Mamotima, John Yau.

Publishers & Workshops: BluSeed Studios, Brodsky Center, Casa Sin Nombre Editions, Dieu Donné, Dieu Donné Press, Dobbin Books, Durham Press, Gemini G.E.L., Hand Papermaking, Inc., The Janus Press, Kuboaa, Library Fellows of the Whitney, Museum of American Art, Lower East Side Printshop, Mixografia, Pace Editions, Inc., The Perishable Press Limited, Pyramid Atlantic, Two Palms, Tyler Graphics Ltd., Universal Limited Art Editions, Wildwood Press, Women’s Studio Workshop.