Pulled In Brooklyn


On view: April 4–June 15, 2019
Curated by: Roberta Waddell, Samantha Rippner, and consulting printer Luther Davis

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Co-curated by Roberta Waddell and Samantha Rippner, in consultation with Luther Davis, Pulled In Brooklyn was the first in-depth exploration of the vibrant network of artists, printers, and workshops that has developed and flourished in Brooklyn since the early 1990s. This monumental exhibition was also IPCNY’s first to occupy two adjacent spaces, more than doubling the scale of our previous presentations. The archived webpage features videos at several of the printshops along with close looks at the shops through a digital directory.

Presses & Publishers: 10 Grand Press, Afternoon Editions, Axelle Editions, Cannonball Press, Deb Chaney Editions, Dieu Donné, Dobbin Books, Fine Art Printing, Ltd., Forth Estate Editions, Haven Press Studio, Jennifer Melby Editions, Jungle Press Editions, Kayrock Screenprinting, Keigo Prints, Line Press Limited, Marginal Editions, Peter Kruty Editions, Powerhouse Arts Printshop (formerly BRT Printshop), Prints of Darkness, Purgatory Pie Press, Russell Janis, Shoestring Press, Small Editions, Takuji Hamanaka, Ugly Duckling Presse, and Watanabe Studio Ltd.

Artists: Matthew Abbott, Michael Adams, Reed Anderson, Rosaire Appel, Donald Baechler, Glen Baldridge, Brian Belott, Anders Bergstrom, Mel Bochner, Matt Bollinger, András Böröcz in collaboration with Robbin Ami Silverberg, Tom Burckhardt, Brendan Cass, Lauren Clay, Ian Cooper, Lesley Dill, Alex Dodge, Angela Dufresne, Nicole Eisenman, Jonathan Fabricant, Elise Ferguson, Dan Flanagan, Rachel Foullon, Chie Fueki, Ellie Ga, Ellen Gallagher, Ignacio Gatica, Ava Gerber, Robert Gober, Joanne Greenbaum, Jennifer Grimyser, Justin Hager, Anna Haifisch, Michael Hambouz, Susan Happersett, Erik Hougen, Peter Hristoff, Jacqueline Humphries, Matthew Day Jackson, Butt Johnson, Dion Johnson, William Kaizen, Raeleen Kao, Matt Keegan, Shelagh Keeley, Eliza Kentridge, Andrew Kuo, Alix Lambert, Robert Lazzarini, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Sol LeWitt, Nicola López, Mikhail Magaril, Tim Maul, Kristen Martincic, Florian Meisenberg, Douglas Melini, Sean Mellyn, Michael Merck, Melissa Meyer, Jill Moser, Carrie Moyer, Robert Moskowitz, Sophy Naess, Michael Neff, Brittany Nelson, John Newsom, Jeanine Oleson, Sheryl Oppenheim, Claudio Orso, Jaime Palacios, Joe Peppe, Mylene Pionilla, Hanneline Røgeberg, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Jackie Saccoccio, Keris Salmon, Katia Santibañez, Isabelle Schipper, Dana Schutz, Dread Scott, Jonathan Seliger, Joan Snyder, Andrew Spence, Art Spiegelman, Ruby Sky Stiler, Donald Sultan, Keigo Takahashi, Craig Taylor, JG Thirlwell, Nicola Tyson, Jess Underwood, Joseph Velasquez, Charline von Heyl, Nathan Vincent, Kara Walker, Dan Walsh, Ouattara Watts, Mark Wagner, Michelle Weinberg, and Andy Yoder.