Forms of Enclosure: New Prints 2019/Winter

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On view: January 17–March 23, 2019
Selected by: May Castleberry, Elleree Erdos, Tatana Kellner, and David Sandlin

About the New Prints Program

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Artists: Lisa Anne Auerbach, Susan Belau, Jill Burks, Susan Goethel Campbell, Allison Conley, Gabriela Esterovich, Caroline Forest, Alice Gauthier, Alicja Grobelka, Gary Groves, Lucy Holtsnider, Anna Hutchings, Richard Hutter, Rashid Johnson, Alison Judd, Enrique Leal, Kate Liebman, Judith Linhares, Mallory, Taryn McMahon, Zoran Mishe, Sean P. Morrissey, Ulrike Müller, Gail D. Panske, Arel Lisette Peckler, Claudia Rofman, Janet Yagoda Shagam, Rob Swainston, Naho Taruishi, and Kyung Eun You.

Presses and Publishers: 10 Grand Press, Aspinwall Editions, Hauser & Wirth Editions, Island Press, Planthouse, PRINT NEST Studio, and Prints of Darkness.

Postcard: Ulrike Müller. KEKS, 2018. Monotype with chine-collé. Sheet: 29 x 22 inches. Printed by Marina Ancona; published by 10 Grand Press, Brooklyn. Edition: Unique. Courtesy of the artist and 10 Grand Press, Brooklyn, NY. © 2019 10 Grand Press & the artist

Installation views: Elisabeth Berezansky for IPCNY

Multilayered: New Prints 2018/Summer


On view: June 26 - September 22, 2018
Selected by: Juan Sánchez

About the New Prints Program

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Artists: Richard Armendariz, Stephen Barnwell, Ana Benaroya, Elizabeth Bennett, David Bligh, Leonie Bradley & Catherine Cartwright, Mary Sherwood Brock, Danqi Cai, Helen Cantrell, Mehdi Dandi, Pamela DeLaura, Madge Evers, Sandra C. Fernandez, Enrique Figueredo, Ke Francis, Jenny Freestone, Kyle Goen, Paul Hunter, Ellen Coleman Izzo, KaKeArt (Tatana Kellner & Ann Kalmbach), Morteza Khakshoor, Ewelina Kolakowska, Natalia Kwiatkowska, Monty Little, Luciana Maiorana, Atefeh Mohareri, Elena Monaco, Shervone Neckles, Madhini Nirmal, Emma Nishimura, Lucy Plowe, Agung Prabowo, Elly Prestegard, Karen Revis, Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Carolyn Sheehan, Kathia St.Hilaire, Sean Steed, Sajeev Vadakoottu, Dominique Vitali, David Wischer, and Jayoung Yoon.

Presses and Publishers: Antarctica Arts, Flatbed Press, Hoopsnake Press, Same Same Press, sfernandez Press & Taller, Shadow Press, Stamperia I Torchi, Studio Sherwood, and Women's Studio Workshop.

New Prints 2001/Summer

Sister  by Hung Liu

Sister by Hung Liu

On View: May 15 - August 3, 2001
Selected by: Starr Figura, David Kiehl, Janice Oresman, Andrew Richards, Nina del Rio, and Maurice Sanchez

About the New Prints Program

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Fifty four prints by established and emerging artists are included in New Prints 2001/Summer. The selection offers enormous variety in style, medium, technique and subject matter. Of the 21 publishers represented in this exhibition, four are appearing at IPCNY for the first time: Coronado Studio, Austin, Texas; Counter-Editions, London, England; Manneken Press, Morgantown, West Virginia; and Women of the West Museum, Denver, Colorado. Self-published work by individual artists ranges from a 5 ¼ x 3 ½ inch accordion book incorporating photo etching and lithographic techniques by Carin Whitney, to an etching on silk from "The Mystery Series" suspended on a six-foot stand by Leslie Lowinger, to a 4 x 8 foot relief on canvas by Jeff Konigsberg.