Peter Kruty (pictured with artist Lesley Dill) and Sayre Gaydos, two master letterpress printers, combine their talents in letterpress and printmaking at Peter Kruty Editions, a fine art and commercial letterpress shop. They focus on letterpress printing from photopolymer plates, with film prep and plates created in-house. Along with commercial work, they collaborate with artists on handmade books and prints, as well as fine book bindings, with a particular fondness for hand-colored prints and limited edition collage work. They also have encouraged artists to use photopolymer letterpress as a printmaking medium. For Kruty, “collaboration is very artist driven, and when the motion comes from artist to us, soon the flow starts to go both ways...that's when the magic happens.”

Both Kruty and Gaydos were trained as printmakers. Kruty also gained extensive experience in book arts, at first self-taught, then as a student of legendary printer, Richard-Gabriel Rummonds. He also credits Judith Solodkin and the master lithograph printers at Solo Impression for his initial experience in collaboration and for acquiring deeper skills with inks and hand rollers. Kruty set up Peter Kruty Editions in 1989, first in Manhattan, then in Williamsburg in 1991, before eventually settling at the current location in Sunset Park.   –RW

Photo Credit: PKE