Annual exhibition program

Each year, IPCNY holds four exhibitions: two thematic exhibitions by guest curators, and two New Prints exhibitions. Your contribution pays for installation costs, artist and curator stipends, and promotion, and allows us to publish brochures or catalogues for each exhibition. 



Our annual MFA and BFA print fair is an unparalleled opportunity for students, and we want printmaking programs all over the country to benefit. Your contribution pays for the space rental, and could allow us to cover travel costs for students from outside of the Tri-State Area.

educational outreach

Our hands-on workshops and guided exhibition tours for K-12 and beyond are led by trained artist educators. Your contribution help us pay their stipends, travel to New York City public schools and community centers, and share our knowledge of print and printmaking with dozens of groups every year. 

New prints program

Our cornerstone New Prints program is a platform for artists to exhibit their work and gain a foothold in the New York City gallery scene. Your contributions fund outreach to broader and more diverse audiences, artist stipends, and the two Artist Talk events we hold for each exhibition.


New prints artist residency & development program

The New Prints Artist Development Initiative was launched on a tight budget in Summer 2017. Above all, your contribution will make the Residency Program accessible to artists outside the New York City area, by allowing us to increase the stipend and offer accommodation. With your support, we will also offer advanced materials in the workshop, and expand the scope of the Sponsored Coursework and Artist Mentorship programs.


internship program

In addition to the invaluable experience our interns acquire helping us organize, promote, and install all our projects, we offer a modest stipend. Your contribution ensures that these motivated young people are compensated for their hard work.


You can also make a donation over the phone by calling 212 989 5090. 

Or print out and mail this form to:

508 West 26th Street, 5a
New York, NY 10001

Thank you!


Johanna & Leslie J. Garfield
National Endowment for the Arts
The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
         in Partnership with the City Council
New York State Council on the Arts with the
        support of Governor Andrew Cuomo & the
        New York State Legislature
Marnie Pillsbury
Jordan D. Schnitzer
Diana Wege
Maud & Jeffrey Welles

The Deborah Loeb Brice Foundation
Blair & Jack Enders  
Katherine Farley & Jerry I. Speyer
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
The Jockey Hollow Foundation
Evelyn & David Lasry, Two Palms
The Thompson Family Foundation

Areté Foundation
Dudley & Michael Del Balso
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Agnes Gund  
Janice C. Oresman
PECO Foundation
Nancy & Fred Poses
Sara & Joshua Slocum
Fern & Lenard Tessler

Brooke Alexander Gallery
Anne & John Coffin
Beth Rudin DeWoody
Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles & New York
Katja Goldman, Goldman Sonnenfeldt Foundation
Linda Goldstein
Bill Goldston, Universal Limited Art Editions
Richard Gray Gallery
Judy Hecker & Matt Furman


Katie Michel
John Morning
Dr. Martin Nash
Brooke Garber Neidich & Daniel M. Neidich
Pace Prints

Robert Alpert
Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation  
C.G. Boerner
Judith Brodsky
Andrea & Jeff Butler
Zena Egol
Natalie Elsberg
Lisa Fishman & Sam Lehr
Scott Gerson Conservation
Kimball Higgs
IFPDA, International Fine Print Dealers Association
Dorothy Lichtenstein
Bernard Lumpkin & Carmine Boccuzzi
Betsy S. Michel
Mary & Fredric S. Newman
Carolina Nitsch
Phillips Editions
Jane Dresner Sadaka & Ned Sadaka
Harris Schrank
Speedball Art Productions
Sweatt Foundation

Kit Smyth Basquin
Douglas Baxter
Anders Bergstrom
Adelaide Camillo & Ronald S. Gross
Fern & Hersh Cohen
Margaret Conklin & David Sabel
Paula Cooper Gallery
Anne Einstein & Milton Adams
Heather Erhard
Robert Feldman, Parasol Press, LTD
Starr Figura

The Fishman Philanthropic Fund
Christopher Gaillard
Clare L. Garfield
Joseph Goddu
Jan & Steven Golan
Marian Goodman Gallery
Susan Gosin
Sarah Gould & David Steinhardt
Charles Hecker
Sharon Coplan Hurowitz
Bindy and Stephen Kaye
Jim Kempner Fine Arts
David Kiehl
David Krut Projects
Martha Macks-Kahn, Goya Contemporary
Iris Z. Marden
Jennifer Marshall & Andrew Mockler, Jungle Press
Constance McPhee
Margaret Miller
Jonathan Novak
Ruth E. Pachman & Donald T. Fallati
Mary and James C. Penrose
Andrew Raftery
Carol & Morton Rapp
Mary Ryan & Jeffrey Lee
Marc Alan Schwartz
Senior & Shopmaker Gallery
Susan Sheehan Gallery
Robin Sparkman & Howard Robbins
Pari Stave
LuRaye Tate
David Tunick
Diane Villani
Carolyn Wade
Eric Wechsler & Phil Kovacevich
Lorraine & Adam Weinberg
Carol & Michael Weisman

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